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Chicken Rain

by Thomas Mak

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09/01/11 - 10/01/11


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The game is available FREE now in the App Store, Download it here.

Chicken Rain has over 400 full stars review in the App Store.

The app is free with in-app purchases

  • Buying 100 game coins costs $0.99
  • Buying 1,000 game coins costs $4.99
  • Buying 10,000 game coins costs $29.99

  • Game Description

    Welcome to our chicken farm!
    Here we rain them in and all you have to do is sort 'em, out. Be quick as things get mighty exciting, mighty fast on this farm! Yee haw!

    - Chain up your chickens to earn even more coins!
    - Activate the FEVER mode to gain bonus coins.
    - Collect gifts that will help you earn more on the farm.

    - Highly addictive, unique and wacky coin-dropping machine game, with chickens!
    - FEVER mode to earn bonus coins
    - Slot machine to get specials
    - 8 series with 4 different classes of unique items to collect
    - Hilarious graphics and art
    - Entertaining music and sound effects

    Why Should You Back This App:
    There were several coin-dropping machine game selling in App Store. It proved that these kind of game is good enough to attract audiences. However, many of them are similar in game-play with changing some of the in-game graphics only. We are now making a revolutionary coin-dropping machine game by adding more features for users to experience another fun and casual coin-dropping game. Also, we are pretty sure that this game idea would be another big hit game concept.

    All backrs will be credited for the help within the game with one little chicken avatar.

    What Will The Money Be Used For?
    42games is a new start-up game company working on iOS platform and also HTML5, CSS3 for Web.
    We will use the Backr funds for the completion, and the future marketing of our game. Besides, we intended to make more fun and casual games to let people to share their joyful times with others. So, the funding will certainly give us a boost on the road to success our dream.

    The special incentives for backrs:
    All backrs will be credited for the help within the game with one little avatar.

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