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09/20/11 - 10/20/11


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Blazing Buckets is my kid friendly answer to Angry Birds, but in a much less violent and destructive way. I've seen little people play Birds (including my daughter) and they really don't understand much past the firing mechanism. I'd like to change that with the introduction of this game. It was my original try at the iOS market, but ended up sidelined for another project. It really needs to be polished up a little prior to a full release.

You control the canon with a pinball plunger conveniently attached to launch items (water drop, ice cube, water balloon, bucket and kitchen sink) at the fires in a burning building in order to save it. Much like the slingshot in the game holding it's inspiration. There are 50 levels of increasing difficulty, with a Boss at the end of every tenth level.

Why Does Our Game Rise Above The Noise?
The concept is based on mechanics that have already been proven to be lots of fun (millions of downloads can't be wrong). With a toggle for two difficulty levels, normal and kids (a larger hit box or unlimited supplies, still to be tested). It's would satisfy existing players of this platform type as well a introduce a much younger crowd to it.

Why Should You Back This App?
Founded on an already solid set of proven mechanics with the addition of extending the game to additional younger audiences will position the app to fair well ensuring a prompt return on investment. In addition there will be an iPhone and iPad versions to capture both markets.

What Will the Money Be Used For?
The money will be used to update some of the code, add some additional animation, install zoom functionality and make sure the game feels and plays like a well polished app. As well as provide a small marketing budget to assist in getting the apps name out until revenues from the game can fund continued promotion. As this is my hobby / 2nd job there are no wages or hardware requirements and all funds will be going directly into the game.

Backr Bonus!
i. Promo Code for Paid version of iSlack or iSlack HD on it's next update (3 weeks ish)
ii. Name in credits of Blazing Buckets
iii. If interested Backr's can supply their UDID to get the beta versions of the game and get a feel for it progresses through production


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