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08/06/12 - 09/05/12


  • Android Free with In-App Purchase

About Us

Company Name: Enlightened Apps
Company Website: www.enlightenedapps,com,au

Our Company Enlightened Apps has been in the app market for the last year, making over 150 different apps. Check out our website to find out a little about us and our company.

The Project

To create an Iphone & Android application that will allows users to locate female escorts in their area using their gps location (which will not be recorded) or their own search criteria to locate escorts anywhere in the world.

The app will be free for users who will create a user and login

Once they log in they will be able to browse a directory of escorts, they will be able to see the following information

About Me
Profile Picture

Users will be able to review escorts they have used, however this allows escorts to review their client to insure other escorts can know if they can trust the client.

There will be no offensive or derogatory images or activities allowed on the app

Users will be able to Report Users that break the rules and regulations.

How this app will earn revenue -

The sex industry is the oldest and largest industry in the world. The internet is made up of over 80% Porn as it is. This application will earn revenue through ads for the first few months as we build a cliental, after that we will begin charging escorts to add their account to the directory, however the app will be free for all users at all times, only the escorts get charged.

Why Should You Back This App?

Sex is the biggest industry on the internet, however the time of the internet is over, its now time for the mobile world and the escort industry is an untapped gold mine. However now is the perfect time to try and take over the entire escort market, imagine having every escort in the world know that they can use this app to make more money.

We are an Australia based app development Company, our Company over the last Year has made over 150 apps and have had over 10 Million in downloads. Will a little backing we can have this project completed in the most professional and profitable way.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The money in this case will be for the following,

App Design and User Interface Design

Developing the Coding for the following -
- Using the GPS location
-Log in/ Create accounts
-Create Profiles
-Collecting payments from InApp Purchases
- Report Other Users

Setting Up A Server and Maintaining the Domain
Implementation and Testing of Application
Maintaining App, providing Updates
Online Social Marketing (Facebook and Twitter)
Online Marketing Articles/Forums

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