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11/15/12 - 12/15/12


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Watch Party Is a whole new way to connect with our family and friends to find out where everyone is going to watch the big game or celebrate the big event!

Is everyone going to Mike's? Are people going to the BBQ place down the road? How many people are going to be at our favorite local bar?

Stop wondering and start SEEING with Watch Party!

Watch Party will use the latest technology to allow you to post where you will be for the party and be visible on a map as well as to see where all those that you know and love will be. It will be the most simple, intuitive solution around to find the best hangout spot for anything that's going on. In addition, all the sports schedules will be available through the app and social integration will be included.

If you're like us and you hate wondering where everything will be happening and you want to focus more of your energy on how to make it a great event, support Watch Party so that together we can watch what happens!

Why Should You Back This App?

Social media is now an integral part of our lives. We want to spend time with our family and friends and connect with them in any possible way. Let's create an app to make sure we always know where to go to hang out!

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