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The Ultimate Rally CoDriver App is the Ultimate Rally Co-Driver App for the Ultimate Rally CoDrivers.

The Ultimate Rally CoDriver app. If you are are a Co-Driver, either at the WRC, national Rallying, or even an amateur, then this is the app for you.

The difficult, complex, and time consuming parts of the the Co-Driver role have now been made so much easier.

Features by section

Packing List - The Packing List allows you to keep a record of everything that you need to remember to pack before going to the rally. It provides a default list of the most common items that you would normally bring to a WRC rally but also allows you to add you own items to the list. You can see from a quick glance, the items that you have and haven't packed. You can also add notes to each item on the list.

Travel Itinerary - The Travel Itinerary allows you to store any information about your travel arrangements and the travel arrangements of anyone else on the team. The list of information can be grouped by Team Member, and by Item type.

Rally Programme - The Rally Programme allows you to store all of the Dates, Times, and Locations of the significant events that occur during the course of the rally, such as registration, recce dates, etc… An alert can be set for each individual item so that you can be automatically reminded of certain programme happenings. You can also add notes to each individual Rally Programme item.

Regulations Links - The Regulations Links provide an easy way for you to quickly go to the relevant website to view the regulation information for the specific rally, for your country, and also for the FIA. The website links are stored in the App Settings & Rally Settings, so you can easily amend the links.

Weather Link - The Weather Link provides an easy way for you to check the weather for the rally quickly from within the app. The website link is stored in the App Settings so you can easily amend the link to your preferred weather website.

Stage Details - The Stage Details allows you to input the details of each stage for the Recce/Rally. You can store the Stage Number (SS1, SS2, etc…), the Stage Name, and the stage distance. This information is used by many of the other features in the Recce and Rally sections of the app, so you will only need to enter this information once for each rally.

Recee Schedules - The Recce Schedules allow you to create as many Schedules as necessary for the Recce. For each Recee you can enter the overall Recce details such as the Recce Date, average speeds, time at first stage, etc…) and then you can add each of the stages that will form the Recce. As you enter the stages, the app will calculate the Time for each stage and ToD (Time of Day) of completion for each SS & RS. You can then go through the timings and add planned breaks as necessary.

Live Recce - The Live Recce uses the information that was created during the Recce Schedule planning and allows you to input the actual ToD that you completed each of the SS sections. The app will recalculate and indicate if you are +/- against the schedule, so that you can make any necessary adjustments to breaks, etc to ensure that you stay on target..

Road Stage Timer -

Stage Characteristics - The Stage Characteristics allows you to record specific details about the characteristics of the individual stages. This information can then be relayed to the driver at the start of each stage during the rally.

Road Stage Times - The Road Stage Times is a quick read only view of the times that were recorded during the Recce Stage. This provides a quick overview of how long each Road Section should take.

Stage Characteristics - The Stage Characteristics in the Rally Section of the app is a quick view read only version of the information that was entered during the Recce Stage. This allows the Co-Driver to remind the Driver about the Characteristics of each stage before starting.

Rally Clock - The Rally Clock allows you to set the time accurately to the rally clock without having to adjust the actual time of your phone. You can see the actual time beaded on the phone's time, the Rally Time according to the official Rally clock, and the offset (the difference) between the two times. The Rally Clock is only for reference; the only other feature that uses the app's Rally Clock Time is the Service Timer.

Record Stage Times - The Record Stage Times is split into three separate functions, Edit Competitors, Capture Stage Timings, and Input Stage Timings. The Edit competitors allows you to enter the Team Name or Team Number (or anything you want to use to identify a competitor) for up to 15 competitors. The Capture Stage Timings feature allows you to use your phone camera to take a photo of the Timing Board at the end of each stage so that you can use that information to populate the Timings details at a later stage when you have more time. You can take as many photos as you like. The Input Stage Timings allows you to view the photos that you have taken (if any) and input the Stage Times for your team and any/all of your competitors. you can select the Stage Run (SS1 to SS30), the team, and select the time in minutes (0-240), seconds (0-59), and tenths (0-9). The timings are displayed on a grid that shows the stage time and total time for each team on each stage. There is also an offset that indicates if each of the competitors is +/- your stage time and total time, so you can quickly see how you compare to your competitors on each stage and overall.

Notes - The Notes feature in Utilities allows you to record any information that does not "fit" anywhere else in the app.

Mechanics Checklist - The Mechanics Checklist allows you to record information regarding issues that may need addressing when you reach the service area. This information can be emailed to the mechanic before you reach the service are so that they can be prepared in advance. You can record whether specific items need attention and the severity of the issue on a scale of 1-5, very quickly and easily, for the following items: Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Engine, Gearbox, Electronics, and Set Up. You can also indicate if the tyres need changing and if there has been heavy impact that may need attention. You can indicate the locations of the heavy impact on a graphical view of the car. You can also add notes to expand on any of the issues that you have indicated require attention.

Fuel Calculator - The Fuel Calculator allows you to input the Road and Stage consumption of your car, and the Road and Stage distances between Fuel Points, and the app will calculate how much fuel you will require. You can also record the level of the Fuel Guage before filling, and how much was actually added to the tank.

Service Timer - The Service Timer allows you to set the Service IN Time and the Service Duration and set an alarm to alert yourself (or the driver) 5 minutes before the service is due to complete.

Archived Rallies - The Archived Rallies allows you to view the information that you recorded for each previous rally.

Upcoming Rallies - The Upcoming Rallies allows you to enter the Rally Details about each of the upcoming rallies on your calendar. You can prepare the following information in advance of each rally: Packing List, Travel Itinerary, Rally Programme, Stage Details, and you can even prepare your Recce Schedule in advance of the rally.

Rally Settings - The Rally Settings allows you to record certain information about the specific rally and other information that is required by the various features in the app. This means that the information only needs to be entered once for each rally rather than having to keep inputting the same information.

App Settings - The App Settings allows you to record certain information that is relevant to the app in general and is information that is the same across all rallies. This means that the information only needs to be entered once when you first use the app, rather than having to keep inputting the same information.

SOS Button - The SOS Button allows you to quickly and easily contact the SOS/Emergency contact for the rally in the event that you require their services. The SOS button will put you in touch with the Rally Emergency Number in 3 clicks (it's 3 clicks so that it can't accidentally be dialled), without have to enter number, or search your address book, or the Rally Book, for the number. The contact name and number will be displayed, along with your current co-ordinates. We hope you never need to use the SOS Button, but we've made it easy in case you do.

Why Should You Back This App?

Why back this app? It would be too easy to just say that it is a good investment. It is, but we can say more.

If you back this app, you are not backing any ordinary "run of the mill" app, you are backing an app that is already the best in its niche, an app that is already used by some of the top Rally CoDrivers in the world in the WRC, an app that is already fantastic and still has so much more that it can offer.

By backing this app, you will be part of a very exciting opportunity, aiming to be the de-facto standard app for the Rally world, with a huge market.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The Ultimate Rally CoDriver app is already the most complete and fully featured Rally CoDriver app on the app store, but we don't want to rest on our laurels; there is so much more that we want to add to the app.

In addition to the functional additions, we want to produce iPad and Android versions of the app, we just need your backing.

All of the funds raised will be used for the next phase of development, and to top up our marketing budget.

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