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09/30/12 - 10/30/12


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UFO Mania is an Space Themed 3D Shoot'em Up, in this game, you take control of an Spaceship and then all the ufos appear in the screen with different movements formats (patterns).

The game is based on the old but real good game "Megamania" which was one of our favorite games of all times for the Atari (well, one of the everybody favorite games ever released on the atari) made by Activision.

We are currently working on the game and making the different stages that will come on it. We think we will have almost 100 diferent stages and we have different movement patterns: linear, top-down, diagonals, random , etc.

The game will have 2 game modes.

1- The survival mode which is going stage by stage until you die.
2- The random mode which will bring random stages to the user on each new level.

The game will also be integrated with GameCenter for scores and all the beauty of social games.

The game is pretty much done, we are just waiting for the creation of more stages, more testing, some music for it, and all the details to have a very good finished and polished product.

Why Should You Back This App?

Shoot'em ups never get old, in our game we will have very cool patterns and a nice competitive challenge for the players, we are pretty optimists that the game can be a hit, and we are looking forward to create a very good experience for the players all over the world.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

- Finish development
- Hire musicians to get more cool music and sound effects
- Finish some art needed for the game
- If we make a good campaign the funds will be used to purchase a Pro license of Unity 3D

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