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08/15/12 - 09/14/12


  • Apple $1.99
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Take the pledge, add your ideas, and answer some questions. Can't decide? Just ask the 8-ball, and your friends to help. It's extra fun because it's built with Facebook integration, points, badges, and awards for staying on track (or tattling on those that don't).

Friends can vote up or down ideas to help factor into the overall placement of the idea. If they catch you talking about or working on the idea, they can tattle on you.

This app is different because rather than nagging you about what stuff you are supposed to be doing, we let your friends tell on you when you do stuff you said you should not be, and it's gamified :)

Why Should You Back This App?

The To Don't List will also have a fully functional Facebook app that will drive sales of the app, and help foster overall user adoption between Facebook and mobile users for a better To Don't List ecosystem.

We have agreements with media partners who will be helping to get the word out about this app.

We are marketing to life coaches, goal coaches, etc. about the serious side of this app as a way to help clients get a real world benefit.

We're putting a good deal of time into creative marketing for this app that will be just as fun and rewarding as the app.

But Wait, There's More . . .

Backr Rewards

  • All backrs get listed in the credits, receive an art guide to the app + mega profits based on your Klout Score, up to 116% revenue!

  • $50 or more gets you previous perks, plus a To Don't List button pin you can proudly display on your hat, your shirt, or your ass (please be careful around the donkeys). Also, we'll let you help beta test the Facebook and IOS apps

  • $100 or more gets you the previous perks plus a To Don't List T-Shirt. If you have seen the sketches so far, you know that will be awesome

  • $500 or more gets you a custom T-Shirt with your name and the To Don't item of your choice. You could say something like "Don't stick pins in your ass, donkeys will kick you!", or whatever :)

  • All perks will be delivered when the app launches, but we'll keep you up to date on all of it in the updates section on this page (sketches, etc.).

What Will The Money Be Used For?

  • Continuing Development of nuts & bolts stuff related to idea lifecycle.

  • Adding Gamification, badges, scoring, etc. for adding ideas , tattling, not being tattled on, and completing items.

  • Adding Facebook Integration - login, sharing, user stories, app requests, likes, comments, etc.

  • General Awesomification

  • Guerrilla Marketing (no monkey business)

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