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by EvolvingPoet Media

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10/07/12 - 11/06/12


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Hey! Our investors had to postpone our finances until the next quarter, and now we need your help to finish development on our new game!

Tiny Hero is a mobile, micro-rpg that aims to take classic dungeon crawlers to new heights. Embarking on a journey to build a new town, you must take charge: decide on your town's layout, overcome mazes and monsters, and customize your hero with the spoils of questing.

Tiny Hero falls into two main gameplay types: classic RPG dungeon crawling and building your town. The major selling point of the game is that quests have been condensed in a way that they are still entertaining, but at the same time allow them to be completed in a time frame that is appropriate for mobile devices.

The top down RPG gameplay will be a dungeon crawl through various locations to finish diverse objectives received in town. Where Tiny Hero aims to break ground though is with its innovative spell system. Using four main spells, Tiny Hero allows you to alter the environment around you. Burning foliage, freezing water, and creating walls of earth are all now within your reach.

Why Should You Back This App?

Classic and Innovative:

The 8-bit style of TinyHero invokes the memories of old school dungeon crawlers. More than that, though, Tinyhero, while still honoring the genre, adding flavor by introducing town-building, environment modifying spells, and branching gameplay.

The spell system adds layers and encourages open ended game play. Tiny Hero encourages players to go back and explore locales multiple times with their newly advanced spells, allowing for quests with multiple endings depending on a player's choices.


Every piece of the game allows for personal preference and choice to be used extensively, meaning that two towns can be completely different, or that you could handle a quest in a different way than one of your friends might.

Depth of Content:

On release, TinyHero players will enjoy 150+ micro-quests that are geared towards the mobile setting, being relatively short and super fun.

Plus its cute, really cute.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The money we get will be used for distribution and marketing of the game, as well as giving us the extra time needed to put on the finishing touches. We've got a complete demo finished (being released around August 17th), so please help us get this game finished!

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