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The Untouchables: Mean Streets of Chicago

by Playmatics

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04/16/12 - 05/16/12


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The Untouchables: Mean Streets of Chicago

“Never stop! Never stop fighting ‘til the fight is done!”
Eliot Ness, The Untouchables

The year is 1930. It’s the time when notorious gangster Al Capone ruled the streets. Prohibition has transformed Chicago into a city at war with itself. Rival outlaw gangs compete to control the city’s multi-million dollar empire of making and peddling illegal booze and speakeasies. Might makes right in this criminal world governed by hand-grenades, tommy guns and bare fists.

The Untouchables: Mean Streets of Chicago is an iPhone/iPad and Android game based on the popular film of the same name. Take part in the ultimate battle between gangster Al Capone and lawman Eliot Ness, this time in the form of an action-packed mobile game. Help put crime lord Al Capone out of business.

Using Facebook Connect, players can also see who among their circle of friends is the best crime-fighter.

Why Should You Back This App:

Designed and developed by the award-winning team at Playmatics, The Untouchables: Mean Streets of Chicago is a exciting social game in the style of a rail shooter. Designed by award-winning game designer Nick Fortugno – the mind brilliant behind the enormously successful Diner Dash game – the game uses a combination of ads and virtual goods to monetize.

How one goes about marketing a game is really a fine art. We have the marketing know-how and access to top-level players in the game industry to make it happen.

Extra Special Offer: All backers of The Untouchables: Mean Streets of Chicago will be listed as an official Backr in the credits!

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Funds will be used to finish development of the application and to market the application.

About Playmatics --

Playmatics builds highly engaging games and user experiences on the Internet, in social media networks, and on a variety of connected gaming and social media platforms. The company is independently-owned and run by experienced entrepreneurs and executives in gaming, digital media and tech. Based in Chelsea, New York City, Playmatics has assembled a local team of exceptionally strong team of talented game designers, programmers and artists.

One way Playmatics occupies a unique space in gaming is through its incredibly strong focus on quality design. Playmatics co-founder, Nick Fortugno, is an award-winning game designer. He’s been playing and designing games for most of his life and was the original designer behind the first “Diner Dash” game. That game went on to became a mega-hit, played by literally hundreds of millions, responsible for generating an entirely new gaming genre, namely “time-management” games.

This strong design focus is most recently recognized in another Playmatics-designed game, which recently won a prestigious CableFAX 2011 award. This game is called “The Interrogation” and it is focused around AMC’s popular “Breaking Bad” series. This same game was also nominated for an award at SXSW Interactive 2011.

This, combined with an excellent knowledge of product marketing and promotion (and prior experience working with venture capital and angel investment) makes Playmatics a trusted partner that can execute on plans.

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