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Steamscope is a highly addictive tunnel game in a fantastic Steampunk world, where players get challenged in their reaction and speed skills.
In Steamscope, the player tries to get unharmed through a tunnel system by dodging various obstacles and activating gates. Through atmospheric music, astonishing graphics and innovative gameplay the player will be drawn into a stunning world.
Exciting levels with different environments diversify game experience and ensure long game motivation.

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Why Should You Back This App?

Steamscope has a high potential in the market. The most reviews on the app store have 4 or 5 stars.

Additional content and a high replay value with gamecenter implementation will increase the value of our app heavily.

The thing we lack the most, is a strong presence on the marketing side. We will use a part of the financial support to boost our marketing capabilities.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The funding will mainly be used to generate additional content and improve the old levels.
This means we will generate new levelpacks with new features and new styles (Gyroscope TESLApack - more puzzle elements, Speedpack - fast paced racing action, new Themes and many more...)

There will also be a Gamecenter implementation for leaderboards and an Achievement system.

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