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We launched in early 2012 and have completed several cycles of test-measure-build. We recently gained strong traction and superb reviews worldwide. We intend to monetize our installed base of over 150,000 users via subscription based additional functionality.

Here's the app description:

★ Number One in 28 countries
★ Unique Progressive Training Method

- SAFE, FAST RESULTS auto adjustment of reps/rest times
- LOW OR NO EQUIPMENT use it anywhere.
- MALE, FEMALE and UNISEX workouts for all levels

Determined to get fit again, Grant Slatter recreated the method he used as an elite Marine Commando. This app combines Grant’s method with the technical knowhow of 30 top trainers to deliver a program that works – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CURRENT FITNESS LEVEL IS.

"We start you off gently to allow your body to adjust to what may be new exercises, but things soon hot up and there's no upper limit," says Grant. "Best of all, our unique consultation feature automatically recalculates the entire program according to your feedback - just like a personal training coach would."

CHOOSE the goal. COMPLETE the exercises. STAY with the program. GET results.

Why Should You Back This App?

1. People like what we are doing - #1 free fitness app in 28 countries. Top 5 in 77 counties. 450,000 fitness sessions served. 135 million calories burned. Average rating in our two biggest markets is 5/5 stars (China) and 4.5/5 stars (USA).

2. The Subscription Model suits fitness - In the post Christmas back-to-health market, users are looking to invest in their health and are reluctant to give up on their fitness aspirations by cancelling the subscription, even when no longer engaged.

3. Fast Return - We're aiming for 25,000 subscribers at $1.99pcm. If we achieve 20% of that we can pay back within 2 months

What Will The Money Be Used For?

1. Development - costs associated with the provision of new features including custom create and save workout, session scheduling, calorie counting, progress charting, device music access, ad removal and more.

2. Marketing - competition based social marketing campaign to leverage Star Trainer's 17,000 Twitter and Facebook fans, utilising some of the new features.

3. PR - capitalising on the success of the app so far and new initiatives to ensure the app is featured in the post Christmas back-to-health press.

4. Advertising - targeted Google adword and Facebook advertising campaigns to drive new downloads with a focus on USA and UK markets.

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