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A fast, fun way to share music with your friends & family, Songnote™ is both a nifty tool for sending songs and a new mode of communication.

You know the moment when a song reminds you of a person or time in your life? You are driving along and all of a sudden you’re transported back to when you first heard that song. You start thinking about who you were with, what you were doing and you want to tell them about it?

Maybe the song you are listening to reminds you of when you were 16, ditched school and had one of the best days of your life so you want to remind all guilty parties. Maybe you just heard that your best friend got a promotion, “Big Pimpin” might be appropriate here. Say your sister needs to send a Dear John letter…how about letting music do the talking? Select your song, write a note to go with it (or not) and press send to deliver the song+note to your best friend, girlfriend, crush, mom and just about everyone else.

One part modern day singing greeting card, one part music sharing tool, Songnote™ is a fun way to flirt, stay in touch and express yourself.

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Why Should You Back This App?

Didn't get in on the ground floor with Instagram? Bummer. We didn't either. Good news is some people have called this the Instagram of music so here's your second chance.

In all seriousness, Songnote™ is working to promote music as a compelling vehicle for communication. In the same way that people share photos and videos to communicate, people will use this new song-sharing tool as a modern mode of expression. It's an easy & fun way for people to flirt, apologize, reminisce, commiserate and celebrate. From teens sharing new bands to college kids asking for a date to baby boomers reminiscing, Songnote™ appeals to a broad spectrum. Be part of something big.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Money will be used to:

Make Songnote™ more viral by adding deeper facebook integration.
Improve user experience by mimicking apple media player library, adding capacity to preview the song and improving recipient message.
Expand our market by building an iPad app, HTML5 browser sensitive version and facebook app.

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