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10/01/12 - 10/31/12


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Solaria is the most impresive and high quality solar system planetary simulator for iPad or tablets. With Solaria you can visit and discover everything about every planet, dwarf planet and moons with the most update information about our Solar System.

Solaria is a 3D Realtime app, what you see are not photos are realtime render and you can change camera, rotate arround planets or moons, zoom in or out... you have the full control to explore.

Solario will have a slideshow mode too, with this slideshow you can use your iPad as portrait or to emit these space lovely images without any interface.

See Demo Here

- This demo only contain the planet Earth visualization.

-Use number 1 to 9 to change camera (non numeric keypad).

-Press 0 to free cam (non numeric keypad).

-You will need to have Unity player installed (if not, it will autoinstall).

Why Should You Back This App?

Because there is not other app like Solaria. Solaria it is not only for enjoy, it is educational too. A big market.

Solaria will be the basement too for an space engine for a future MMO.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Money will be used to finnish the App... still transneptunian planets, moons and asteroid field must be modeled and fitted. We want too develope a stuning near sun view.

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