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12/15/12 - 01/14/13


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Snow3d is a cool full 3d game where the user get's to control a snowball running down a slope using the tilt controls to steer the ball. You have to hit all the cones while trying to miss skiers and trees in your path. A lot of effort went into fine tuning the physics and playability. Sound effects and music is spot on. Graphics assets are fine tuned to the last pixel. Going down the slope is pure joy!

Why Should You Back This App?

Snow3d will be our next flagship game after the success of Morphchess. We are taking our efforts up a notch. A lot of planning, love, and attention to detail is going into this one. Back us to make a return on your investment, but also to be part of the fun and success of our lovechild. Something unique is coming to the app store soon...

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The artwork and the first level is complete. We need funding to add the individual levels and to aid with our launch campaign.

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