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Smurge allows its users to create contact groups, from their existing contact list on their phones, and send out SMS messages, with each of the recipient's name inserted in the body of the message. Much like Mail Merge for Word, but for SMS. This operation gives the recipient the impression that you, as the user, will have written this message with them in mind specifically.
What's more the message is sent from the phone's original messaging system itself, so that the recipient device cannot detect it is part of a mess text.
The result is a more poignant, intimate message, delivering thought with impact, while devoid of the generic ramblings that stagnate traditional group messages. Society no longer has to send what appears to be half-hearted attempts of including friends and family and clients in your life.

Why Should You Back This App?

If you've ever received a group message, wishing you something like "Happy Holidays" , you know immediately that a good number of other people received the exact same message from the exact same person.
The world is getting all too impersonal in these times, now that social networking has taken off in such a violent surge.
People used to call each other to greet them on holidays, which was replaced by texts, and now email and Facebook messages.
The effect of a personal touch has been completely rubbed out. This app aims to restore that some level of humanity to communication. Who ever receives message via Smurge will feel more loved, more important, which really is all that counts. They don't have to know any different.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Development of functions available to the user. For example, media Inserts such as picture and video messaging, as well as Facebook/calender integration so that you may automatically have text messages ready to send to your friends on their birthdays.
Plans include creating a light version, and an android version.
Some light marketing is included in our budget, to spread the word.
We also don't have any chairs.

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