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10/13/12 - 11/12/12


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The riches are in the niches.

We have built a quiz/trivia platform that we plan to use for various niches. One extremely underserved niche is trivia around NFL teams. There are some quizzes in the store, that are poorly designed and developed, have received terrible ratings and reviews, and have done poorly as expected.

By leveraging our quiz platform, we are keeping individual app costs limited to unique team graphics, trivia questions (200 per team for 10 levels), and pulling it all together and submitting.

We have two teams in the app store - Chargers and Chiefs. Have Green Bay Packers, NY Giants, Cowboys and Steelers either submitted or being submitted this week.

Trying to get additional teams in the Apple store ASAP as interest in the NFL peaks mid-season.

The Quiz/Trivia Game app is an increasingly popular way for fans to identify and connect with their favorite books, movies and teams.

To get a feel for how the 49ers quiz app would look - see the Chargers app here:

Why Should You Back This App?

BGB Island has 4 apps in the Apple Store now - with over 35,000 downloads in the last two months alone.

In addition - BGB has the above mentioned Team Trivia apps either submitted or in the store. All have cross-promotion built in as we recommend "getting to know other teams" in each app.

Fan bases can be estimated by team success, city size and other measures - but we are using Facebook team page likes as our guide as to which teams to submit 1st.

Kevin and Chris of BGB have a track record of submitting engaging apps that get approved, that generate downloads and revenue and are built using best practices. Proven techniques to increase the odds of success for the 49ers Quiz include integrating analytics, review and ratings request integration, ASO, Game Center, Social Sharing, and various cross-promotion methods.

Also - we are passionate about the NFL, and have noticed many of the existing NFL Team Quiz or Trivia apps in the store "just don't get it right".

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Team Graphics
200 Team Trivia Questions

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