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RockingRings is a new balancing game. It is different from any of the 100000 balancing games around:
The goal is NOT to steer marbles/vehicles/... in a labyrinth. Instead sliders on tilted rings need to be controlled in their rotating movement. Despite the simple basic principle a very wide variety of challenges and movement patterns emerge.

While the first levels are almost trivial, serving to make clear the principle and "rules" of the game without need of much explanation or experience, higher levels become more and more tricky. Sometimes it is necessary to "tune into" the rotation frequency of one slider and simultaneously keep others in place. At other levels the key is to keep your device almost perfectly quiet and to control the dynamics with very tiny, almost unnoticeable movements. The game thus has a steady learning curve and stays challenging over 22 levels, requiring motor skills as well as strategy.

Why Should You Back This App?

RockingRings is unique as it is different from any existing game. (Please read the description and have a look at the video and try the app in your iPhone or iPad.) It therefore has some long-term commercial potential. It however needs time and promotional efforts to become visible and known.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Promotion of this app and development of new ones.

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