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RSVP lets you setup reminders for important sent mails, and the reminders trigger via a pop-up when you do not get replies to those mails. This way, you can follow up with recipients of your mails and track down important tasks once sufficient time has elapsed. It also lets you setup reminders for having received a reply to an e-mail and more importantly for not having received a reply. The coolest feature of the app is that once a reminder is set, you no longer need to save the original sent e-mail. The app saves the sent e-mail and can be accessed at anytime by clicking on the subject hyperlink through the Manage Reminders section.

Key Features:

Setup Reminders for Mails
Reminders trigger when a reply is not received
Snooze and Reschedule options for Reminders
Manage, Edit, Deactivate or Reactivate Reminders
Optional alerts on receiving replies

Additional Feautres:

No need to save SENT messages (auto-saved in the app)
Reminders can be set for any e-mail in any folder
Original e-mail for which reminder was set can be seen from the app without the need to save the original e-mail
Reminders can also be set for received e-mail for you to follow-up upon

Why Should You Back This App?

The app is fast catching-on and has great potential in business settings if marketed well

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The money will be used to further enhance this app and develop one other app for the Mac OS X platform

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