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"Psychosis: Zombies" is a first person shooter.
It sports an innovative set of gyroscope controls which allow for fast paced gameplay. The controls are reminiscent of iOS flight simulators, and have not been used in any first person shooters. Try them out - they take a couple minutes to get used to, but after, they're smooth as silk.

Otherwise, Psychosis is a wave-based shooter
- Pick a map
- Pick your perks
- Fend off waves of zombies
- Buy and upgrade weapons

Simple as that.

So fight your way out of an asylum full of demented creatures -
good day; good hunting

Why Should You Back This App?

Our main selling point: our controls - they bring a new dimension to iOS gaming, allowing the player to move, turn, and shoot - three actions at the same time; touch controls allow only two. Moreover, the gyroscope provides more reliable and accurate feedback than touch controls.

Overall, this means faster-paced gameplay, something, if developed, could match console games in gameplay/playability - the game has potential, it just need a little push.

Plus, there aren't many quality iOS FPS games out there - less competition

What Will The Money Be Used For?

- Publicity
- Improve game mechanics
- Patch bugs
- Develop maps
- Add enemies
- Add weapons
- In App Purchases
- Multiplayer
- Demo (free version)
- Demo video

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