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08/15/12 - 09/14/12


  • Apple $2.99
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POWERSCALES IOS will be an innovative study tool to help guitarists master hundreds of scales quickly and easily. It has been meticulously created using digitally studio recordings to provide the most accurate sound reference possible. Master guitar scales easily by fretboard or notation viewing options and switch on the fly between Classical, Acoustic and electric guitar modes– with additional Chorus, Overdrive and Reverb effects.

Customize how you hear scales and play along with adjustable playback speeds. Learn different Modes, Pentatonic Scales, or choose from hundreds of common to exotic scales alphabetically, by chord, or by interval.

• Multi-stage tempo controls with different finger placement variations
• Options for 1,2 or 3 Octaves
• Looping Options
• Accurately tune your guitar with Tuning section

Have a look at the PC/MAC version:

Its related app Power Chords video below:

Why Should You Back This App?

Power Scales has a history in the retail market as Quick Scales 2004-2010 as a CD-rom product and sold very well. (see screenshots) Its cousin Power Chords was published on the itunes store and is selling steadily.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

40% Marketing
60% Programming for iOS (PC/OSX completed)

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