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Picture Hangman Game for iPhone/iPad & iPod Touch

by Tringio, LLC

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Why Do We Need Your Help?

We are requesting your backing for marketing and promoting Picture Hangman, a casual iOS Game for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad. We strongly believe that Picture Hangman is an Orignal, unique and a fun to play game and a pass time for all ages. We think everyone will love this new game play concept !.

The game was already developed with our own funding and now we wanted to spread the fun to several gamers and we need your help to do so . We will be using appbackr fund to promote the game through http://www.freeappaday.com/ which is one of the popular ways of getting your app visible to several millions (8 million and growing) freeappaday users instantly and using other promotional methods. We believe the promotions will make the game successful by generating revenue through in-app purchases and also motivates us to bring great fun games in the future to the gaming community.

You can also try our game from the links below , if you like the game play and if you think it's worth to be promoted then please back the project. Any backr amount will be greatly appreciated and of course with the returns ! :)

iTunes App URL (Picture Hangman) : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picture-hangman/id496205725?ls=1&mt=8

iTunes App URL (Picture Hangman HD) : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picture-hangman-hd/id498246515?ls=1&mt=8

The Game:

Put together pictures one piece at a time in this vibrant visual twist on the classic game of hangman! Download Picture Hangman and trade in letters for pieces of picture as you pick and choose the right ones to complete illustrations! Be careful though; pick five incorrect pieces before you’re done and its game over!

Picture Hangman cleverly blends the classic word puzzle structure of its famous namesake with an engaging multiple-choice format and a great visual spin. Instead of guessing letters to form a word or phrase, players are tasked with completing pictures by eliminating the wrong pieces and picking the right ones!

Picture Hangman HD Game Trailer

Extremely addicting yet straight forward gameplay!

Players start each level with a piece of picture drawn up on screen, with sets of several small picture pieces to pick from at the bottom - few of which represents a piece of the picture in question and few others that don’t. Picking the correct option reveals the piece in the correct location of the greater picture, bringing you closer to a full illustration and victory, while picking incorrectly gets you nothing but a strike. Be careful, five strikes and you’re out!

Loads of awesome levels with diverse difficulty levels to boot!

Picture Hangman comes complete with one hundred unique levels featuring eclectic, diverse drawings ranging from tanks and fish, to clocks, spaceships, dinosaurs, and more! Simply put, the app’s sheer depth guarantees exceptional re-play value and hours of mentally engaging entertainment. And if that’s still not enough, don’t fret too much. You can unlock an additional 50 levels instantly via in-app purchase too.

Meanwhile, the game’s three difficulty modes - Easy, Medium, and Hard - ensure that Picture Hangman stays accessible to almost any level of player and fun for all ages. What’s the difference between these modes? The harder the mode, the smaller and more obscure the picture pieces to choose from will be, and the more complex the overall pictures are. Easy levels may consist of simple fish drawings, while hard levels might challenge you to construct a complex picture of a space shuttle. Furthermore, consecutively harder gameplay modes challenge players to correctly choose more pieces to complete each picture. For example, if a fish picture is made up of 10 or less pieces in Easy mode, a space shuttle may consist of more than 20 in Hard mode!

Connect to your social networks and compete with the world at large via GameCenter!

You’re free to share your Picture Hangman scores via Facebook and Twitter right from the app with the click of a button, and invite friends to play by shooting them a Facebook message without ever leaving the app as well! Meanwhile, anyone ready to put their skills up against other players and compete for Picture Hangman superiority can simply log into GameCenter and race to get the top spots on the app’s interactive online Leaderboards!

Picture Hangman is a well-rounded game with a unique game play. It features a user-friendly interface, beautiful chalk drawn aesthetics, smooth gameplay, as well as a full in-game tutorial for new players and helpful playing tips too! Ready for a puzzle adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced before? Get Picture Hangman, and get into the action!


• 100+ Unique levels.
• Clean crisp vibrant graphics and animation.
• 3 Difficulty modes ranging from Easy and Medium, to Hard.
• Share scores and invite friends to play via full integration with Facebook and Twitter.
• GameCenter online Leaderboards.
• 50 additional unlockable levels available via In-App purchase.
• In-game tutorial to guide new players.
• Gameplay tips for an extra advantage.
• “How To” instructions.
• Easily navigable and simple user interface.
• Great replay value on all levels.
• Save game stats to see how well you do over time.
• Original music and sound effects.
• A unique game play concept.

Picture Hangman game trailer for iPhone/iPod Touch

100's of Pictures to Solve: Here are few interesting ones,

Please feel to update your comments and questions and "Like us" and share the project in the facebook and spread the word even if you are not backing it !.

Why Should You Back This App?

We strongly believe that Picture Hangman is an Orignal, unique and a fun to play game and a pass time for all ages. We think everyone will love this new game play concept and we wanted you to be part of it in it's success.

Few reviews from our existing users,

“ It is a unique idea and it was really easy to get the hang of the gameplay. The tutorial has great instructions and I was playing in no time. The chalkboard design is really nice on the eyes and the sound effects are high quality. All in all this game as a simple, easy to use and addictive gameplay. Suitable for all ages. The UI is polished and it wasn't cluttered at all.“
- John Smith

“I liked how it was simple to play and had a really clean look which is something I really like.“
- Brian Storm

“It's an addictive game, the idea is great, the graphics are cool.“
- Linda

“I liked the extra twist to the game! Nobody would have ever thought about this game! It is very original and a good way to pass the time!“
- Chris Wong

What Will The Money Be Used For?

We are requesting your funding for marketing and promoting Picture Hangman and to port to other platforms like Android , HTML5 and Windows if we can raise and make enough money.

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