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11/20/12 - 12/20/12


  • Android $4.99
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An app that brings together your physical ephemera (photo albums, letters, keychains, postcards, etc) with your digital ephemera (emails, wall posts, digital albums, youtube channels) to create a more consise and accessible way of interacting with your memories.

All Backers will be offered to take part in the beta & have 2 copies of the app for free.

Backers of 30 copies or more will also be Ambassadors or the rewards scheme with exclusive prizes & awards

Backers of 50 copies or more will get the above & a Pebble T-Shirt

Backers of 70 copies or more will get the above & also 2 invites to your Launch Party / Press Release

Backers of 100 copies or more will get the above & also into the credits of the app & on your website

Pebble from Ashley Wiltshire on Vimeo.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Will be mainly used for Windows Azure for the beta period and first 2 months of launch but also for

Search Engine Optimization for selected keywords.
Social networking
Available & compatibly on all app stores
e-mail marketing
Reviews of the app on review sites/blogs/Youtube partners.
Viral marketing campaign.
Promotional videos
Classifieds ads
SEO of the website/blog/Youtube channels.
General PR

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