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This is the best time to invest in this type of app. App store pre-holiday season (september-November) peak season (December-February) we are looking to launch this app at the end of September

The time is now for the iphone to have a real looking PKE Meter to find ghosts. From the blockbuster movie Ghostbusters, Egon Spengler, the scientist who created the device in the movie to find different energies, we have created a virtual replica of the device. With almost a year of development and a lot of hard work, Narley Apps inc. has done the unthinkable. We studied the GhostBuster market for quite some time. After reverse engineering websites that talked only about Ghostbusters, we found that over 30,000 people are still coming to a website from a movie that was made 20 years ago. This is exactly what the market has been waiting for and what the market wants in time Halloween.

While we’ve been in development, we have been studying the market and other ghost finding apps. But what separates us from our competitor from IOS and even the Android market is that we took all the feedback from all users and created the dream app that they wanted. The main selling point of this app is the wings. There is no other PKE meter that has core animation wings that move automatically.

Here are some of the features that this app will have:

Tobins Spirit Guide - Users will be able to look up the ghosts that they have found, and also see what type of class of ghosts they are.

Ghost Locations - Users will be able to tag different ghosts and put them in the Google map section of the app. Other users will be able to see across the world where other ghost sightings have been tagged. Users will be able to Facebook and Tweet their ghost sightings also.

Built in EMF Reader - For different types of ghosts’ energy to be detected.

There is also user mode and ghost mode: User mode will allow the user to move the device in an upward motion to find a ghost. The wings will automatically move up. In ghost mode, it will automatically scan the room to find anything that is present.

These are some of the features in the app and we are adding more after the launch date. We already have a Twitter following with over 2,000 followers and growing daily. Here is the link to it here
To reinsure the investors that we can get this out to the masses, we have listed here some of the Facebook fanpages and twitter pages that I have created and bought with our own money to promote this app.

These are a few of the sites that I own and run to prove that we have the marketing push. I cannot list all of them here for privacy reasons, but to get some real numbers we have over 320,000 fans on Facebook. This is with all of the fanpages being added together. On Twitter we have over 100,000 followers. These are real potential users that we can market to on opening day to get the app high in the app store.

PKE detector  ghost hunter

Why Should You Back This App?

With our previous marketing and know-how in the app store, this is a very good investment for the backer. The app has already had a built in fan base at launch. All money will be used for advertising and marketing, like the old saying goes ‘’advertising doesn’t cost it pays’’ which any business owner knows that you get a higher return on your investment with your marketing dollars. There is no other companies or developers focusing all efforts on marketing and showing their fanpages and telling you exactly what they’re doing and can prove to the backer the success it already has. We feel that we have an awesome product that is ready to go, and it has the right to be call Narley and to be a part of the Narley Apps family. PS this app is all ready approved in the app store and ready to go

What Will The Money Be Used For?

All the money will be used for marketing. We put up our own money for development and the app is already approved in app store. We are hiring a top notch marketing firm to assist us in getting this app out to the market. Things the money will be used for are press releases, video marketing, social media marketing, article marketing, different language descriptions, and a whole lot more. This is what the marketing company will be doing. On our end, we are also marketers. With no help from an outside company, we have taken our #1 app, Sneakerology, to the top 5 in the sports category from what we have learned about marketing. With the two of us marketing this app, there is no way this app would not be able to do well

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