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Old School

by Big Blue Bubble

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10/31/12 - 11/30/12


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Old School is coming to the app world with all of the beer-chugging, scantily-clad fraternity antics of the movie. And starring...You?! (See details below)

Paramount Pictures has granted a license to appbackr and Big Blue Bubble to develop and distribute an Android and iOS game based on the studio’s Old School.


Why Should You Back This App?

Back this app to be part of the fun! In addition to the 35% profit that backrs make on purchases, there are incredible backr rewards:

Backr Rewards

  • All backrs get listed in the credits, receive an art guide to the app + 35% profit
  • $50 - Be a beta tester plus your name in credits, art guide + 35% profit
  • $100 - Get a Old School t-shirt before the app is live plus your name in credits, beta tester, art guide + 35% profit
  • $1000 - Name a level! Anything you want - name it after your dog, your favorite college professor, your frat nickname! Plus the t-shirt, your name in credits, beta tester, art guide + 35% profit (All names must be in good taste and are governed by the Terms of Service of appbackr, The App Store and Google Play and are subject to approval by the developer and Paramount.)
  • $5000 - BE IN THE APP! Your likeness will be in the app saving your beloved frat! Plus the t-shirt, your name in credits, beta tester, art guide + 35% profit

Game Play

Old School is a classic tower-defense game. Players protect the frat house and stock of booze hidden inside. The hero’s task is to defend the frat, catch uninvited guests and make sure the bottle count doesn’t reach zero.

Party crashers, cops, and squatters spawn throughout campus and head towards the house. If they get in, they steal booze and attempt to escape. If the alcohol supply is zero, it’s game over.

Players' cache of defense weaponry is made of party goers and characters from the movie, such as Spanish shooting beer-pong balls. There’s resource-generating stations along the path such as wet t-shirt contests, bars and keg stands. The stations will spit out coins to buy or upgrade defenses.


  • Top-down Perspective
  • 2 Modes of Play - Level Mode and Survival Mode
  • 40 Levels of Play with Unique Playfields and Weapons
  • Play Stats per Level
  • Achievements shareable via Facebook and Game Center
  • Social sharing via Facebook
  • Social Sharing via Game Center on iOS version

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Old School will launch in Late Fall 2012. Funds raised on appbackr are for the game's development and launch on the App Store and in Google Play.

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