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by Gamecentric Media

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03/07/12 - 04/06/12


  • Apple $2.99
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The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P.

Naked Gun ICUP (NG) is an updated version of the classic Naked Gun film franchise. This new re-imagining of the franchise will parody modern crime dramas like CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc. while skewering modern games such as L.A. Noire and Angry Birds.

The serialized mystery game app will incorporate puzzle and adventure gaming mechanics similar to classic titles such as “Sam and Max” and “Monkey Island”.

Why Back This App?
Paramount Pictures has granted a license to appbackr to develop and distribute as Android and iOS game based on the studio’s Naked Gun franchise. Appbackr sublicensed the rights to Gamecentric Media & DNA Dynamics, who are jointly developing the game. Gamecentric Media is also developing the social gaming version.

To capture the hysterically unique voice of Naked Gun, ICUP is written by original franchise writer/producer Bob LoCash. It mixes solid old school game mechanics together with addictive, social gaming features, themed with a hilarious storyline that builds upon a brand with international recognition.

Naked Gun is situated to be the next breakout hit of online gaming. The initial season is designed to play out over a total of 6 individually-purchased episodes. All episodes downloads go to payback the backrs.

What’s the Funding for?
Appbackr has sublicensed Naked Gun to Gamecentric Media to develop this app. Buyers of this app will help this app reach the market through the wholesale purchase of the app. Buyers get paid when the app sells on retail markets.

Frank Drebin Jr. heads up the International Crime Unit Police (ICUP), a team of forensic and investigative specialists. each more inept than the last. The mobile version will tie directly into the upcoming Facebook game.

More Information

  • Voice Acting

  • NG will be fully-voiced acted, featuring known vocal talents including A.J. Locascio (Back to the Future) and Alison Haislip (G4TV, NBC’s “The Voice”).

  • Animation

  • Additional animated sequences throughout the game in key areas give depth to the story and provide clues to help players. These sequences also act as un-lockable prizes and achievement-based content.

  • User Retention

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