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07/06/12 - 08/05/12


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MathLibsⓇ is the original silly math question generator. The first app will focus on grade four math.

Why Should You Back This App?

MathLibsⓇ has been around for over a decade as FREE online software and is loved by children and adults all over the world. Back in 2005, we were listed on the PBS site and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics site as recommended resource.

What the kids are saying:

well i’m in 4th grade when i found i was failing i got studying i did some mathlibs and i did so good my teacher thought i was cheating! – Ashley

hey thanks for helping me learn u r awesome – Sam

i was having trouble wit time table until i notice this link and then my grades raised up and teachers noticed – Shaylay

hey what are you doing i love your website. it really inspired me to learn more math stuff. bye – Mia

i like this i think u should make a tv commercial like right after the tv shows – eliyas


What Will The Money Be Used For?

Dev, updated designs, sound (music, voice over, sound effects), and marketing.

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