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Future Update Around the Corner **
** Our developers are currently adding charting features, social integration through twitter and the ability to look up specific symbols.

About the App:
Market Correlation is a must-have app for any investor. This app will allow you to quickly and easily measure financial correlations between stocks, commodities, currencies and futures!

How does it Help?
Ever notice that all of your investments seem to go up and down together? Finding out how correlated your investments are will help you with diversification, risk management and asset allocation decisions. Make sure that all of your eggs are not in one basket!

Market Correlation allows you to measure the correlations between:

With three amazing features, this easy-to use app will show you the often-surprising connections between various investments.

- Customizable time frames
- Pair correlations – allow you to measure the correlation between any two stocks, currencies or futures you choose
- Market Scan – Input the security you are interested in and receive the top 5 positively and top 5 negatively correlated investments
- Matrix Correlation – Input multiple symbols and see a correlation matrix

Why Should You Back This App?

Market Correlation is an innovative tool that any investor would love to have in his arsenal. Financial analytic tools are becoming more accessible to everyday investors and applications such as Market Correlation are leading the way in this market. Furthermore, investors and traders are the types of users who are typically willing to spend a bit more on high-quality tools such as Market Correlation.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

We will use the AppBackr money to promote the application as we develop more features.

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