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by Decade Dusk Pty Ltd

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09/30/12 - 10/30/12


  • Apple $2.99
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How Calc is an education app.

I was rubbish at maths in school and the only way I learnt was to get the answer from the back of the book and reverse engineer it. I couldn't do a calculation until I saw what was happening in the working out. This is how I came up with How Calc.

In a world where kids have calculators in their pencil cases, on their phones, on their laptops, etc. teachers will have a hard time teaching kids what is happening in a calculation when the calculator is there and it just spits out the answer. How Calc still spits out the answer but it also shows the student HOW that answer was calculated.

How Calc shows the working out that is associated with a calculation. Be it for addition, subtraction, multiplication and long division (did anyone EVER understand how to do that?).

Why Should You Back This App?

In todays world of computers, finding an answer is simple but learning what is happening in the background is being lost.

If kids are going to use a calculator in school (which they all are) they might as well use one that actually TEACHES them what is happening in the calculation, rather than just spitting out the answer.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Development of the app.

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