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God On-The-Go(R) is a one of a kind App allowing rich interaction between religious education teachers and students. Yes, our App has a fully searchable bible within it, but it is much more than that. In 2008, we launched our classroom software with great teacher and student acclaim. The reason was our homework creation, distribution and collection feature called My Favorites. We have recaptured this exact same functionality in our App with a fantastic twist, this interaction can also flow through social media (Facebook or Twitter).
I use God On-The-Go daily to find the readings for each day, save a memorable set of verses, add my own comments and Tweet to my followers.
See out commercial at or our screenshots for Apple OR Android App with identical functionality on both App stores.

Why Should You Back This App?

If you are passionate about your faith and want to see the positive impact of God's Holy Word via tablets, iPads and smartphones, please support our App. We are a social-justice driven group of hard-working guys looking for a little help. Join our mission of digital evangelization. Mark 16:15.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

We have additional bible copyright agreements in order to offer our current customer more translations of the bible through upgrades. In addition, we are lining up in-app partnerships with other great spiritual content providers (audio/video/maps/...). Finally, we will get the word our on major faith-based radio and cable TV networks.

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