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12/15/12 - 01/14/13


  • Apple Free with In-App Purchase
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Geovolve is an iPad game of casual path and velocity prediction with an addictive and engaging atmosphere not seen since on iOS since Peggle.

Geovolve is the result of a weekend coding challenge called Ludum Dare. While Geovolve was "completed" within that weekend, it is needing additional work to make it monetizable and ready for the App Store. The core game mechanic proved to be solid and addictive through impromptu play tests with strangers and thus the decision to continue evolving and polishing the game (and also its presence here on AppBackr).

The goal of Geovolve is to keep moving. If you stop moving, you die. However, you are not given direct control of your ship. Rather, you place obstacles in the path of your ship for it to bounce off. The longer the time you take in placing the obstacle, the more powerful it becomes when your ship hits it. Hitting obstacles also unleashes its total power as collectable nodes. Collecting these nodes enables the player to upgrade his ship, buy power-ups and enhance the games difficulty and fun.

Geovolve will be free-to-play with consumable In-App Purchases to ensure a limitless profit ceiling. There will be purchases for the premium in-game currency which can be used to purchase upgrades and power-ups.


  • Casual, decision based gameplay

  • A true multi-touch game

  • Play for 30 seconds, 30 minutes or 300 minutes

  • Emergent gameplay Achievements

  • Leaderboards that encourage repeat play

  • Deep scoring and leveling systems

Game Status and Roadmap
The game is currently in alpha with a nice laundry list of features that need to be added to polish it and make it consumable by gamers on the iTunes App Store. The complete roadmap and development status will be updated on our website for complete transparency.

Why Should You Back This App?

Code Inversion has done a lot of iOS work for clients over the last 9 months. All currently released Apps are rated 4+ stars and the release-pending Apps (the release dates are controlled by clients) have received nothing but ecstatic praise by the App owners. A sample of our work can be found on our website. While we certainly have produced a lot of Apps, we don't release crap and strive to release Apps and Games that we are proud of and believe in. We are ready to bring our first internally developed, premium game to the App Store and want to use AppBackr for a few reasons. First, we are wanting to explore the "Micro Publishing" concept as a source of future development funds which will allow us to have more creative control over our projects and thus release higher quality and more relevant Apps. Allowing the AppBackr market to assist in setting our roadmap, just like a traditional publisher, will ensure that we are held accountable to deliverables, have the funding to meet those deadlines, as well as moving with market trends and not falling behind. Second, Code Inversion is interested in establishing a group of loyal backers who believe in our products and abilities, and will continue to back future projects of ours. To do that, obviously we need to have a successful application where YOU, the backer, sees a return on your investment. We believe Geovolve is going to be a great launch title for us on the App Store and thus we are using it on AppBackr to make sure that we begin to establish these relationships with backers. The game is going to be developed regardless of the funding success on AppBackr, but we believe that allowing YOU, the backer, to participate in its success will create a relationship of trust and then eventually a consistent group of backers. All backers will also be mentioned and thanked in the game's credits.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

All money raised through AppBackr will be used to fund the development of the remaining features for version 1.0 as well as marketing the game through channels such as W3i, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Reddit Advertising, Tapjoy and other cost-effective mediums.

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