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Have you ever dreamed of being in a band? Well you gotta start somewhere and that's usually a garage. We've recorded the tracks, but producers ain't cheap. It's up to you to make 'em mesh in a cacophony of destruction and pain! Welcome to Garage Metal! Create your symphonies of darkness and share them with your friends!


Garage Metal is a music-mixing application for teens and tweens just learning about how to mix. Users can create their own bands and compose songs using a variety of pre-recorded music, all in the same key and tempo. Users tap a bar and instrument to select a riff or beat, choose when they come in and out, and create their own unique compositions. Users can also choose from several camera angles, focusing on each individual instrument and musician at key times, or on the full band.

Garage Metal includes two in-app purchases: Dark Harmonies (5 guitar melodies and 3 splashy drum beats) and Growler (6 crazy vocal growls for the bass player).

Once a song has been created, users can save it and share it on Facebook, or to any other device running the Garage Metal app.

Watch a demo on how easy it is to use Garage Metal:

Why Should You Back This App?

Garage Metal already has over 15,000 downloads and is rated 3.6 stars on Google Play.

The app has been reviewed by the #fourlittletesters, and received a 5 out of 5!

"I have to say this is a great idea, and we found it so easy for the kids to drive, and simplicity always rocks!" Andy at #fourlittletesters

We have found that most users that purchase one jam pack also purchase the second pack, and want to add more jam packs into the app.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

1. Marketing - Get the word out to our target demographic about the app, including expanding our network on Facebook and Twitter.
2. Development - Adding more jam packs and for-pay features suggested by app reviewers, such as: "pimping out the band and instruments" in different colors; adding a highlight to each bar when the preview is playing; and building in a help/rating interface.
3. Advertising - PPC placements on Facebook and other social media.

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