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09/20/12 - 10/20/12


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----------------------Gadzookery™ App Making Entertaining Sentences.---------------------

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Gadzookery™ is an original format word game where players create a sentence based off of a target word. The sentence should have something linking it with the target word. Additionally the target word should also be an acronym of the sentence (see examples below). Points are scored and multi-player challenges won and lost. Think of it like 'Sentences With Friends' would play if such a game existed.

Players have three minutes in which to create a sentence, any sentence, creatively, or even tenuously linking it to the target word. Score one point for every letter used, and ten bonus points for completing a sentence within the three minute timer. Players are penalized for using the target word itself or any variations of it in their sentence. Non completed sentences lose 50% of their point value.

Stuck for words? Click the button on the keypad and will open with the target word already searched. Still stuck? Search some other words for inspiration. Click done to return to the game.

Have fun with it, there are no grammar cops policing the game and sentence anarchy is encouraged, just be creative and don’t forget to share your witty sentence on Facebook or Twitter. High scorers will optionally be entered into our hall of fame.

• Your target word is GAMES – Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences = 50 points 40 letters used, and 10 bonus points for completing a sentence.
• Your target word is YOGURT – Yummy Organisms, Gloppy Underrated Refrigerated Treat = 57 points 47 letters used, and 10 bonus points for completing a sentence.
• Your target word is NYMPH – Naughty Young Men Prefer Her = 34 points 24 letters used, and 10 bonus points for completing a sentence

At the end of a multi-player round players will be shown other players sentences. If they spot a spelling mistake, or a fake word in any of them they can call a challenge. If they're right in their challenge they will take all the points in that sentence, if they're wrong they lose the points for their own sentence to the player they challenged. They can challenge more than one sentence. In case of multi-challenges points are divided and shared among the players. Up to 5 players can be playing at the same time. The screen shots above show a multi-player game where one player has made a spelling mistake but no other players challenged it. This scenario results in the player who made the mistake losing some points going from 44 to 13. If another player had challenged it they would have won all 44 points. The points lost are the 9 letters for the misspelled word itself, the 10 bonus points, and the remaining letters halved in points (odd numbers are always rounded up)

The game is powered by using their over 1.25 million word list. There is also a setting to play single player offline using the smaller word list of ENABLE at 187,000 words as used by Word With Friends. A filter has been included on both these word lists blocking offensive words to protect the blushes of some of our players friends.

Once enough playing data has been collected players will be matched to other random opponents with a similar skill level. This will help ensure players always get a challenging game.

Look out for the Game Center currency rewards. There are several achievements to be earned which can be exchanged for our in-app purchasing.

There will be a free version of the game supported by in-app purchasing and Ad revenue which allows players to choose 5 & 6 letter target words,. There will also be an Ad free paid version of the game which will come with 5, 6, & 7 letter word playing capability. Single player will be bundled in with the paid version. Both versions will have in-app purchasing options.

in-app purchasing includes themed WordPacks such as target words all to do with Sport, Food,Computing, Arts, & Places, and target word length capability up to 10 letters.

Gadzookery™ will be launched for both iPhone, and iPad. Soon after its launch I plan to develop it further specifically for a classroom setting where teachers can create their own WordPacks.

Why Should You Back This App?

It's a great game, it's family friendly, educational, fun, challenging and rewarding. It appeals to most age groups, and will be a popular among most casual gamers.

This app is weeks away from launch. If you think this app will do well now is the time to back it. $100 returns you $154, $500 returns $770, $1,000 returns $1,540. minimum is $10. The small backings may only be a small amount to you but collectively they're big to me. My marketing plan estimates paying all my appbackrs their return within three months, at most four.

Gadzookery will have three revenue streams, .99c upgrade downloads, Ad Revenue supported free downloads, and both will have in-app purchasing. In-app purchasing currently accounts for 65% of all App Store revenue. With these three streams my backers will not be waiting for their sequential wholesale units to sell to earn their 54% profit. has a massive 50 million user base and that this game is powered by them will give it that extra trust factor to their players. That's a huge bonus considering have so many word game players using their site that they've a dedicated word games page.

Usually it's students who help make an app go viral. This app has all the right ingredients to go viral.

I've put in place a full marketing, monetization, and long term user engagement strategy plan. I just need more money now so I can execute all of these.

• Supporters of $2,000 minimum will have their name listed in the both the app credits & website as a Gold level supporter. Additionally they'll receive a T-Shirt with our G icon on the front and a hand written thank you card.
• Supporters of $1,000 to $1,999 will have their name listed in both the app credits & website as a Silver level supporter. Additionally they'll receive a T-Shirt with our G icon on the front & a hand written thank you card.
• Supporters of $100 to $999 will have their name listed in both the app credits & website as a Bronze level supporter.

(Please send me a message if you don't want your name listed, or the t-shirt/thank you card)

All investors of any level will be forever appreciated.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

All money raised will be going towards building the website with some back-end function, professional copywriting, having a professional demo video made, some extra graphics, and marketing/promotions. If I raise above $25,000 I can start planning to build on Android too. Please remember the appbackr business model releases around 65% of your backing to me now, and the rest after you've been paid back your profit. That makes a big difference in what I can do now. So if you're thinking about backing me with say $10, perhaps you'll go to $13.

Update 10/19 You've read this far, which means a good 99% of you like what you've seen. The number of people who have clicked on the like button above are testament to that. The easy thing to do now is click away which most of you have. Don't do that, back Gadzookery with whatever you can instead, every backer helps, Your backing no matter how small will help this great project get off the ground with a good head start.

Additionally If you do take the 90 seconds it takes to back the project, would you also take 2 seconds to share that you've backed it on your Facebook, or Twitter? Every backer counts, and 5 backers sharing it could create another backer or two.

I would like to thank all my backrs individually but there's not a way for me to contact you on appbackr unless you've listed your Facebook or Twitter in your bio. If I see you have I'll thank you personally.

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