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09/17/12 - 10/17/12


  • Apple Free with In-App Purchase

If you are a fitness fanatic and love taking photos and posting your fitness life on different social sites then FitPixel is the right choice for you. You can easily share your daily fitness life by sharing photos through this app. All you need is to snap your photo and customize it with our predefined tools and filters to enhance the quality and look of your photo to help motivate you and others. FitPixel has taken photo-sharing to the next level into this niche market. FitPixel encourages users to post, before and after photos, “Like”, “Comment” on photos, and follow likeminded users. FitPixel will set a fitness trend across a social platform, where it will spark users to “Get Motivated and Motivate Others”.

Why Should You Back This App?

Well, besides being an app that motivates users to maintain a healthy lifestyle through photo-sharing., our major goal is to spread a positive social network atmosphere among people who love maintaining a healthy lifestyle and for those that need help in gaining or losing weight.
FitPixel will help the users to share their photos in a unique way after proper customization and treatment to impress and motivate their friends and family. Users can also “like” and “comment” on the pictures just like they do on other social networking sites. Development of this app will surely make a difference in the lives of our youth and all the generations of this era. Moreover, lack of enthusiasm is prevailing everywhere and this app will help people to meet goals by sharing their customized pictures with the help of FitPixel.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The funding will be used to develop an awesome application for people related to fitness, and social enjoyment. The idea behind this app is to develop special tools, filters and frames by special programming so that members can easily use this and customize this app, then share their photos to all their friends and family as well on FitPixel Social Platform.

FitPixel is designed to motivate people by sharing their daily fitness life, there goals, or road to a better lifestyle. Moreover, we just want to create a positive environment among a selective group of people who are facing problems related to health and fitness.

The funding will be used in all positive means by hiring designers and coders that will design a flawless app. We’ll also be spending the funding amount on other expenditures like promotion of the app, buying required equipment, utilities and other expenses. We are pretty sure that the funding amount will be used by fair means for the development of FitPixel.

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