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by Brain-New

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12/21/12 - 01/20/13


  • Apple Free with In-App Purchase
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Find It iPhone game promo from brain-new on Vimeo.

“Find It” is a revolutionary way to play games on mobile devices. By using the camera, one of the most used features on any mobile device.

Game Play

“Find It” is a modern spin on the classic scavenger hunt! We’ve combined turn-based gameplay and photo sharing into a fun and interactive package. In “Find It”, you select your difficulty level and your opponent chooses an item for you to find. You must then find the item and take a photo of it with your phone. Get creative and let those photography skills shine. You can customize your photos with the game’s preset camera filters, as well as several new filters you unlock with the points you earn as you play. You can also make the game more personal and fun by using your points to create your own custom items for your opponents to find. Don’t like the items to select from? No problem! Use your points to get trashcans that allow you to throw the unwanted items away in exchange for new items to choose from. Brag to your friends and show off your creative side by saving or sharing your photos through various social networks. Will you Find It?

• Play with friends on iPhone
• Challenge friends from Facebook or randomly be matched with an opponent.
• Turn-based gameplay
• 100s of items to find
• 3 levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
• Create a custom item for your friend to find
• Earn points to unlock fun filters to add to your photos.
• Share your finds on facebook or Instagram.
• In-App purchases

Why Should You Back This App?

“Find It” allows players to be creative by using a skill they already practice everyday. Because of its convenience and accessibility to high-resolution cameras, photography has become everyone’s hobby. By creating a game centered around such a popular pastime, Find It is a guaranteed success. In addition, the items to choose from are worded so that players can use their own interpretation and be clever when choosing what to capture. Soon it will be a common topic to discuss what things you need to photograph for your current Find It games.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

With your help, we will launch an advertising campaign targeting mobile devices as well as popular social networks. We will also enter the game into the CES Mobile App Showdown and The Wall of Apps ( CES 2013 will bring more than 150,000 attendees, making it the perfect showcase for this revolutionary game. Although we are sure we will take first place, the exposure alone will create the buzz needed to propel the game into the top charts of any app store.

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