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Final Freeway 2: Retro

by Oyatsukai

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03/01/12 - 03/31/12


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UPDATE: The game is now on sale on the App Store! [Link]

"Final Freeway 2: Retro" (FF2) is the sequel of the old-school arcade racing game "Final Freeway".

The original Final Freeway [link] has been featured in the App Store and iTunes front page. It became a best selling racing game on both iPhone and iPad on several major markets. It sold over 100,000 copies so far and it keeps on selling at an average of 80 copies per day, 15 months after the initial release. It has additionally been downloaded 150,000 times in a recent "24 hours free" promotion.

This sequel will introduce some of the most requested features, which we believe it will give to this second installment the right elements to expand on the success of the original game.

FF2 adds:
- Stylish pixel-art by MisBUG [link]
- Dynamic path branches
- Car crash animations
- Selectable characters
- Multiple endings
- Pop-rock sound tracks by

What we have developed so far:
- Racing game engine inclusive of UI, game play, controls, Game Center and audio support
- All graphics for the vehicles
- Most graphics for stages
- Most graphics for the UI

About us
oyatsukai [link] is small development studio based in Tokyo and founded by Davide Pasca [link] in April 2010. We have extensive experience in the field of game development and have previously worked for companies such as Square Enix and EA.

Our second game, the futuristic air combat game, Fractal Combat [link], was also featured by Apple as a "New&Noteworthy" and reviewed in major iOS gaming sites.

Why Should You Back This App?

You should fund it because it's the natural evolution of a game with a proven track record. It's a timeless genre based on simple game mechanics and rendering techniques that are both easy to like but unconventional enough to require developers with some specific known how.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

- Add road path branches to the game play
- New stages creation (placement of already created graphics elements and definition of the road tracks)
- Graphics and code for ending scenes
- Various additional graphics
- New original sound tracks and sound effects
- Polish and testing

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