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Emobo: Read, Write, and Socialize

by Sakura Publishing & Technologies

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10/17/12 - 11/16/12


  • Android $0.99
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Books are a thing of the past. Welcome to cell phone novels. With eMobo, you can read an entire story in under ten minutes!

eMobo is an app designed to allow anyone anywhere to both read and write stories that are meant for the person on the go. The app is connected directly to the very popular website, www.textnovel.com, where users subscribe to receive stories told through a series of chapters that are essentially "texts," due to their brevity. whenever somebody updates their stories (as most of them are ongoing), you receive the latest text chapter. Or you can download entire completed stories at the click of a button. Thanks to eMobo, you have access to thousands of these user-made stories and eMoBo will even offer suggestions based on your reading history. Kind of like Amazon. Oh, and you can also write your own story and guess what? It will be seen and accessible by every person that downloads the eMobo app and subscribes to stories on textnovel.com! If that wasn't enticing enough, how does this sound: Whenever you use the app, you have a chance to get free rewards courtesy of Kiip. If you read a story, you are given a reward, which can be anything from a free drink at Starbucks to an Amazon Gift card and depending on how many books you read or write, even a free xbox 360!
So what are you waiting for? eMobo isn't just some gateway to another new social network for book lovers, it's a chance to completely see reading books through a new, modern perspective. One that revolves around you and your busy life.


* Thousands of novels available instantly upon download for FREE.
* Write and publish your own novels and have them IMMEDIATELY visible to thousands of subscribers worldwide.
* Share novels and comment on them with your friends through our social sharing network tools.
* Fast set-up! Download the app and start reading!
* Suggests novels based on your reading history and category selection
*Thousands of reward opportunities for using the app the way it's supposed to be used. Read books, write them, get rewards. They are free and there is no catch.

Why Should You Back This App?

For starters, the Apple Version is a free download and has done very well. The Android Version that you will be backing will be released for .99 cents and we expect similar download results, if not more so, with the Android Version. The app has an extremely loyal backing already, thanks to being connected to the popular website textnovel.com. This website has brought the very popular writing tradition of the "Cell Phone Novel," born in Japan, to America. Emobo connects all of its users to Textnovel's powerful library of thousands of stories and what's better, eMobo allows you to write your own stories to be included automatically in the library and INSTANTLY circulated to anyone else who use both Textnovel AND eMobo! This means if you are a writer and want to share your story with thousands of people but don't necessarily know that many people, you can have your story sent right to the front of another eMobo user's phone, thanks to eMobo's powerful suggested readings query right on the main screen of eMobo.
Can you see where this is going?
Emobo has now made it possible to have immediate access to books for people who don't have time to sift through libraries of books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. For example, you are waiting for the subway train, or perhaps your flight got delayed, or you are stuck in traffic...whip out your phone, use eMobo, and read a whole story in a few minutes to pass the time. THIS IS WHY you should Back this app! It's innovative and we are SUPER passionate about bringing this powerful form of reading and writing books to America and the rest of the world outside of Japan.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The IOS version was launched in May to a warm reception from the app user community. We would like to launch the Android Version of eMobo in October 2012. Thus, we would like the funds raised through this to pay for the Android Version to be made. NOTE: The IOS Version for Apple is doing well and we have got so many requests for the Android Version that we feel downloads will easily come, despite it being a paid app vs. the free release for the iphone.

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