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We do not want to think about it but sometimes it happens: a CAR ACCIDENT.

We are confused, irritated and out of order because of this unusual happening.

Thanks to CRASH BUDDY App you have already set all your personal data and "not-everyday-data" like insurance number, Serial Number of your car, phone number of your insurance company etc.

You have filled inside all your own data upfront so when some accident is happening, you have them ready to tell and use.

Next to this you can also enter all the data from the accident itself, the other accident party, where the accident took place and you can also take pictures of it.
Afterwards you can save and also send your data via email so it is at home or a save place to recall and check everything in quiet mood.

What it comes down to is: IF you have an accident then YOU HAVE EVERYTHING READY with CRASH BUDDY !


- Provided in 3 Languages: ENGLISH, GERMAN, ITALIAN
- Setting of own data upfront (Car Serial, Plate Number, Insurance ID, Insurance Phone number and optional notices)
- Entering Accident Data + Crash Parties
- Taking up to 4 Pictures and save them inside CRASH BUDDY to each accident
- Save accident for later recall
- Send saved data to your E-Mail for having it in another computer/place

Why Should You Back This App?

This app is a really helpful tool and everybody knows how nasty an accident can be. We developed it because we believe that this app can really help one in such a situation.
Furthermore we could not make a fee version out of this because we hope that most of the people do not need to open it often. Therefore there are less bannerviews. Accordingly this is some to-be-save-app in the case of cases of an accident.

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