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Competition Box is a trivia pub style quiz game, which allows players through Facebook or Email to play and win real cash prizes. Prizes ranging from £1 up to £10,000.

This iPhone Application is a complete and utter generation and has never been successfully done before. We want to create a break in this niched market with YOUR support.

Our questions currently come from a large populated database which is updated daily, it retrieves questions from current happenings, which can be the most latest of news. We are also looking at niching questions based on location, which means people in different countries will get relevant questions.

We allow players to play for Free with no prize gain, however users can purchase Credits through In-App purchase and play for real, all cash prizes are added to the users account immediately and can be re-used within the Game or Withdrawn using our withdrawal system.

We have raised large amounts of attention, including spouts from giants Zynga.

App Description

A multi-coloured box has landed on your iPhone screen, there is only one thing for it and that’s to open and discover your PRIZE! Combining knowledge, bright colourful boxes and plenty of cash prizes, Competition Box is a revolutionary App.

Get clever and use your knowledge to bash your way through a box, then allow the computer to dictate your PRIZE!

Competition Box is the world's first Social Competition!


- 5,000 Questions
- 20 Different Coloured Boxes
- Innovative Designs
- Outstanding Animations
- Push Notifications
- Facebook integration, win cash with your FRIENDS!
- Free Play Mode


- *£10,000*
- £5,000
- £1,000
- £500
- £100
- £50
- £20
- £10
- £5
- £1
- *Free Credit*


“...I got a cheeky litte buzz out of that, it's fantastic.."
- JoJo, Capital FM

“..seriously I think this will work..”
- Simon Hirst, Capital FM

All investors help will be mentioned in our App & Website, and goodies will be dispatched.

Why Should You Back This App?

This iPhone Application has never been successfully launched before around the World. We have spent over 2000 man hours just on research.

We was told by general members of the public that because this involves real money, it will not be allowed on the App Store. However we have proved that this is possible by launching successfully.

We now really want to receive backing to take this forward, we really appreciate any help received or guidance going forward.

It proves that this is going to be a great success, we received attention from Capital FM, celebs.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The funding received by Backers will be for promotional, new website, updated features, marketing.

This will really help us move forward within a very tight industry.

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