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★★★★★Handpicked by Apple to be in the New & Noteworthy Books App ★★★★★

"My daughter can't put this app down! Cinderella has always been her favourite, and she was so excited when I downloaded this for her. She has spent the whole afternoon flipping through and putting the stickers on the pages, running back into the room to show me. I can't wait to sit down with her and read the story to her as she helps fill in the blanks. Great application or any children who love Cinderella or interactive storytelling!" - iTunes US Store

"This app looks great on my iPad2 and my daughter loves trying to put the pictures in the right place in the story - she's very young so doesn't really understand quite what to yet, but she loves trying anyway. The graphics look good and I like reading the story to my daughter too." - iTunes UK Store

★★★★★ VIDEO : ★★★★★

A fascinating experience of book reading by sticking animated stickers! Cinderella Sticker book comes with 100+ animated stickers along with 34 interactive highly colourful and illustrated pages with audio narration.

Each page has been carefully illustrated and has stickers which the child needs to drag and drop to the appropriate place holder. The stickers have a very realistic look are from the characters of the story. To add a further level of realistic experience, the child has to rub the sticker at the corner just like normal physical stickers.

To make the entire reading experience more magical and exciting, each page has been given the effect of a classic old page from a bedtime storybook. There are sparkles on each stickers, magic wand, fire, and all that you'd imagine from a fairy tale! The whole experience is so breathtaking that once your child has your iPhone or iPad, its difficult to get it back!

* 34 interactive HD quality illustrations.
* 100+ Animated Stickers.
* Surprise pop-up elements on each page. A glass shoe or a Mice or a Pumpkin, or fire or sparkles pops out on touching the pages.
* Professional Audio narration with Background score.
* Reset all stickers and stick them again.
* Keeps the child occupied for hours with a learning experience.
* Engaging for entire family for its unique concept and interactivity.
* Perfect learning entertainment for kids on a car ride or a long air plane journey.
* You will never get your iPhone or iPad back!

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