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Cash or Pass = Survey + Social Gaming + Real Rewards

by Appztract Studio

Application Details

12/07/12 - 01/06/13


  • Apple Free with In-App Purchase
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What do you get when you cross a survey with the achievements and leader boards of a game, the sharing and viral nature of social media and throw in some real rewards and prizes of a game show? You get Cash or Pass a unique social survey game that rewards the player for voting on a series of community questions relating to what you would do for money.

Every player vote counts for each question, towards the overall vote total for that question and determines the payout which is based on voting percentage and popularity of the votes.

Each category contains a series of questions related to what you would do for money. The player answers the question by choosing Cash or Pass. The Player earns cash in their bank based on how they answer the question as well as how other players voted on the question.

Each player can win real rewards from Kiip by earning a certain amount of achievement cash in the bank, answering bonus questions or making a bonus vote.

Multiple categories of survey questions
Build up points to earn real rewards from Kiip
Win real rewards from major brands through the Kiip network
Invite your Facebook friends to play
Share your score or question on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail
Gift your rewards to a friends, family or co-workers
Login with your Facebook or Twitter account
Score posted to leaderboard to earn additional rewards
Purchase vote credits and unlock categories
Share your score and questions on Facebook or Twitter

Stores: App Store & Google Play
Category: Game
SubCategory: Social Networking
Social Game Networks: Game Center, Zynga?,OpenFeint
Revenue Model: Freemium with InApp Purchases
InApp Purchase:
50 Votes: $0.99
100 Votes: $1.99
150 Votes $2.99
200 Votes: $3.99

100, 200, 300, 500 point: $0.99
1000, 2000 point: $1.99
5000 point: $2.99
10,000 or 20,000 point: $3.99

Project Development:

The app has been in development for the couple of months for the iPhone/iPod touch and is in the final stages of development. We have a working beta version with some features still under development.  As you can see below are the screenshots from the working  beta.
We want to finish building the iOS version in the next month or two and then begin working on the Android version. We've already began promotion on the application building a landing page and setting up twitter and Facebook pages:  and

Why Should You Back This App?

This app is a fun and interesting app to say the least, but the biggest selling point about this app is that we built it to reward the player with actual rewards from name brand companies through the Kiip - rewards network. We plan on building a large user base and expand the app to allow for players to create their own categories and questions in the future.

This is a different twist on the word or trivia and game that fall into that category. There is no right or wrong answer and the unique thing about this is that other player's vote affect each other.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The money will be used to complete the development of the app and to go towards promotion and marketing that will be needed to build a strong user base. The following list is what the funds will be used for:

  • More polished graphics and interface for the app

  • Development cost to complete the iOS version

  • Promotion and marketing campaign

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