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Brickteria is a HD iPhone/iPod/iPad alternative to the classic brick breaker games, where an infinite vertical scroller scenario generation was incorporated in a survival mode and modified boosts were added. The player's accumulated score can be used to buy skills updates throughout the game, which, together with the infinite scenario generator, gives the game replay value and a different perspective. Hence, players start playing a pretty classic brick breaker game, which keeps increasing its rythm, getting more and more frenetic, according to the skills the player upgrade and to the temporary 12 (de)boosts he can collect while in-game. A classic mode can also be unlocked, which is based on 30 fixed stages, rather than using a random scenario generator.

The player is encouraged to keep on playing initially to fully upgrade his 9 skills. Thereafter, 20 hard-to-get achievements exist in order to give more and more hours of gameplay. Different kinds of players may enjoy the same game. In the survival mode, maximized skills will proportionate a frenetic gameplay rythm, where the player may encounter 9 different bricks depending on how long the player manages to resist. To the traditional players, the classic mode will proportionate the very experience they are looking for.

Therefore, Brickteria is a classic game with several features that increase its gameplay rythm. It has a consolidated wide public eager for different games of this kind.

Further Notes

Brickteria is already on App Store; this means that your investment will be returned in less time and, also, that you can try it before investing if you want. You can check our game directly in the App Store or visit our own page. If you feel like trying it out and want a promocode for that purpose, feel free to enter in contact.

Note that Brickteria already has positive reviews encouraging other players to buy it. Besides, with the proper funding, the player experience will be further enhanced and, even more, marketing campaigns will help us target the right players! We currently depend on unspecific players finding us out by themselves - this will be changed when we target marketing campaigns at the right audience. More details regarding marketing campaigns can be found further below.

Why Should You Back This App?

We are confident about Brickteria because it is a classic style of game with several differences to other titles of the same style. Not only regarding different skills, scenarios and boosts, but also, the very thematics of Brickteria and its visceral illustrations are unique on their own way. However, we still lack the renown and the budget for creating good marketing campaigns.

Hence, we need immediate help in order to further enhance Brickteria and to invest in campaigns that would help us getting known by the gaming community. Having Brickteria on the App Store is a first step - we need funding so that more players can be targeted through our campaigns. That will greatly impact on the game sales and return to the backrs. Up to the moment, we rely on no funding at all.

Lastly, App Backr is of great help for all who, like us, are starting. We are eager to help others in the future.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

As the game was already released, the money will have two distinct purposes. In synthesis, (i) to obtain program licenses and plugins to further refine Brickteria and help on developing future projects; (ii) to invest heavily in marketing campaigns to attract greater public.

Initially, Brickteria is a finished product which was developed with the most basic tools. Hence, there are plenty of greater solutions which would help us to enhance the game. It was developed using essentially Unity3d free, Unity iOS basic, and ex2D as a 2D framework. Several tools and plugins for Unity3d would help us to enhance the player's experience. Through the use of PRO licenses of Unity3d, many video/image effects will be incorporated in the game and, even more, the binary size is going to be greatly reduced by the use of some stripping techniques. Furthermore, draw calls can be reduced, greatly optimizing performance, by having several textures and materials combined altogether. Although there are no performance issues in the released version, this can free a lot of computational resources which will then be used to create greater image effects.

Moreover, in a more ambitious scope, a novel gameplay mode may be introduced depending on the funding raised. It consists on a multiplayer pong-like duel between two ninjas, each one on opposite sides of the screen (there would still be bricks between them, of course ;)).

Secondly, our team currently lacks sufficient budget to invest on marketing campaigns. Even though Brickteria is a finished product, there are not any marketing and advertising campaigns going on. With investment, several advertising campaigns will be performed: (a) specialized iOS games communities will be hired to review Brickteria and hence advertise it; (b) explicit advertising campaigns will be done through adWords and BuySellAds; (c) a limited and free version of Brickteria is going to be released. That free version would also help Brickteria getting virally disseminated through the gamers, who will be encouraged to buy this backed full version of Brickteria.

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