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BlockHopper - Run, hop, and think your way to the goal!

As the lovable and optimistic robot, Bit, you must make your way through the perilous, challenging, robot-killing levels of a human-less planet. Luckily, Bit is programmed to upload special Blocks into the world around it! Got ice in your way? No problem! Place a Fire Block to melt the ice and clear the path! Platform too high? Psh! Place a Moving Block to carry you! Alien Lasers giving you trouble? Puh-lease! Drop a Crystal Block to protect you! This may all sound easy, but you're going to need all your side-scrolling and puzzle-solving skills to beat all 35 levels that Green Pixel has created.

35 levels not enough for you? Glad to hear it! BlockHopper allows you to download and play potentially countless user-created levels from around the world! When you're feeling some level design inspiration yourself, BlockHopper comes with a full-fledged level editor for you to flex your creative and puzzle-making muscles. Design, test, and upload your levels and add to the endless playability of BlockHopper!

Featuring tight (and configurable) retro-style controls, old-school pixel-art graphics, incredible music from Starship Amazing (, OpenFeint achievements to show off, and witty banter that only a chipper, “life”-loving robot could spout, BlockHopper is waiting for you to play and create!

Please check out for more info and screenshots!

Why Should You Back This App?

BlockHopper has received great feedback from players and reviewers. It is a challenging gaming experience that works your mind and your reflexes unlike any of the "watered down" and simple platforming games on the market. Check out what these reviewers have had to say:

  • "Even if you do manage to beat the entire game, Blockhopper comes with a level editor, making the possibilities nearly endless." -

  • "If you love these type of puzzle/platform games then this is a no-brainer because of the endless levels possibilities." 4.5/5 -

  • "BlockHopper by Green Pixel is an awesome 2-D puzzle platformer game that should be on every iPhone." -

A robust level editor, a huge list of sortable user-made levels, and incredible, professional music from Starship Amazing are all icing on the cake!

We also plan on updating BlockHopper in the future with more levels, new blocks, and the introduction of enemies.

Thank you so much for your support!

What Will The Money Be Used For?

BlockHopper has not been professionally marketed because of budget constraints. Due to the amazing feedback that we've received from players, we believe that BlockHopper has the potential to be a mobile platformer hit!

We will use your generous funding to buy advertising on prominent mobile gaming sites as well as professional app marketing and promotion services.

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