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Block Fight

by Yoyo Ventures

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11/05/12 - 12/05/12


  • Apple Free with In-App Purchase
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For every player who wants to create, there are ten who want to destroy: This simple truth lies at the very heart of Block Fight.

Most people seem to take lots of pleasure in sabotaging our opponents in playful competition - I readily admit to being one of them. Some time ago, I got the idea for a game where the core mechanic would revolve around the battle between creation and destruction. Could the solution be to combine creation and destruction somehow, letting both players alternate between the two?

The search for an answer to this question became the basis for Block Fight.
Block Fight combines familiar aspects from the falling blocks and match-three genres with a fiercely competitive Player vs. Player mode. We aim for game play that can be understood in two minutes but will take a lifetime to master, ensuring that players will be able to play frequently without getting bored. We are currently fine-tuning the game to make it as fun and engaging as possible, since we believe that this is the most crucial aspect of the game's development and future success.

The Minecraft-inspired graphics theme stands out from the generic jewel/crystal themes so common among games of this kind. On release, the game will be available in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian and Swedish.

Game play

There are two basic gaming modes: Single Player and Player vs Player.

In Single Player mode the objective is to match blocks of three or more in order to make them explode and keeping them from reaching the top of the playing field. The blocks come in chunks of three with four main color themes; earth, grass, ice and snow. When blocks of one color are combined three in a row, horizontally or vertically, they explode together with any additional blocks of the same color that are connected to the exploding blocks. To spice things up further there are a number of power-ups available such as bombs, fireworks and color blasts which all impact game play in different ways. Players can gain power-ups either by achieving spectacular explosion combos, or purchasing them for an in-game currency called “Coins”.

But beware of the lava block, the fifth block type, which can’t be destroyed by matching three in a row. This bad guy of blocks is very uncommon in the beginning of a game session but gradually drops in greater numbers as the player reaches more advanced levels. The lava blocks can only be destroyed by using power-ups, so be sure to always keep some in stock!

In Player vs. Player mode the screen is divided into two playing fields, one controlled by the player and the other one by the opponent. Similarly to Single Player mode the player can remove blocks by matching three or more blocks of the same color in a row, however if the total connected blocks consist of five or more blocks, the entire formation of blocks will not only explode and disappear from the playing field, but also appear and fall down on the opponents playing field in the same shape but built by randomly colored bricks. So in essence, what is created in your own playing field can be used to push your opponent towards defeat, and vice versa.

This dynamic makes for a very offensive game play, where the player must keep a watching eye on the progress of the opponent and try to be first in dropping a block that ruins his/her plans. Getting the upper hand early can be a crucial advantage as the opponent must scramble to get the blocks in order, but fortunes may quickly change as players can catch a lucky break with cascading explosions that instantly changes the landscape of the battlefield, as well as access to block busting bombs and other power-ups. The first player whose blocks reach the ceiling has lost, so the objective of the game is to keep your blocks from stacking up too high while at the same time placing them neatly in such a way that you can cause frequent explosions and thereby attacking your opponent.

The player connects with friends and soon-to-be friends (auto-matching) via Apple's Game Center. Game Center also tracks player scores and achievements on leaderboards, as well as win/loss totals against other players. We are also adding support for sharing gaming results, challenging friends and spreading awareness over Facebook and Twitter.

How about monetization?

The game will follow the freemium model; revenue streams will come from ads and in-app purchases.

• The free game can be upgraded to a premium version, which removes ads and unlocks two new gaming modes.

• Coins for purchasing extra power-ups can be earned just by playing the game, but for players who want quicker progress there will be a number of in-app purchases available at different price tiers.

Analytics and in-game metrics will help us gain an understanding of ideal price points, player usage and user behavior; split-testing of price, keywords and app copy/screenshots will provide information on what makes users find and download the app in the first place.

Why Should You Back This App?

We believe that the most important factor when gaining traction and making a big impact in the app community lies in creating an awesome product. This game is loads of fun even at an alpha stage, and we will not rest until the final version is insanely great!

In addition to the 54% profit, backing Block Fight comes with some cool rewards:

• $100 – Become a beta tester and sharpen your block fighting skills before the rest of the masses gets a chance!

• $200 – Become a beta tester AND get a limited edition Block Fight backer t-shirt!

UPDATE! We believe that the coming iPad Mini will be the perfect device for this game, and in celebration of a successful Appbackr campaign we would like to highlight this by giving a away an Apple gift card with a value corresponding to that of an iPad Mini! The winner will be drawn from all the backers, where each $10 received from a backer will correspond to one lottery ticket and a chance to win an iPad Mini.
If Apple has not yet announced the price of iPad Mini by Oct 31, the winner will receive a gift card with the value of $300.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The game development itself is already funded; all funds from the Appbackr community will be spent on marketing:

- Ad design
- Distribution of ads on relevant niche websites
- Mobile ad distribution (Admob, iAd, TapJoy)
- Design of promo website and Facebook page

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