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03/20/12 - 04/19/12


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For our backers: Don't forget to follow us on twitter @mightykingdom so we can thank you personally and update you along the way.

***UPDATE - 25th January***

Hey guys! What a week for Battle Command. Thanks for the continued backing! We wouldn't be able to do it without you.

Battle Command is in the news! Huge props to Kotaku for a great piece on indie development and the benefits of crowd funding (That's you guys!) - Check it out HERE.

More Battle Command news is up on the update blog. Take a LOOK.

Less than two weeks to go! Anything you feel that you can give will go a long way.

***UPDATE - 18th January***

- New screenshots showcasing updated 3D models and effects
- Progress report from the Mighty Kingdom team

Head on over to the Battle Command update page HERE to check out the latest progress on the project!

Thanks to all our backers for their support in helping us reach our funding goal!

About Battle Command:
Battle Command takes the classic gameplay of the childhood hit board-game Battleship and brings it to the modern era of mobile devices with a new unique spin! Forget merely controlling an armada of battleships; Battle Command offers three-times the strategic depth with an Aerial Combat Layer, Surface Combat Layer and Submersible Combat Layer. Mix and match your forces with incredibly detailed Fighter Jets, Stealth Bombers, Missile Frigates, Aircraft Carriers, Helicopter Gunships, Submarines and much more, all with their own arsenal of weaponry and special abilities.

Play against friends or other commanders from all around the world in tense strategic battles. With a huge list of units and unlockables, every match is bound to be different! Adjust your strategies and rise up the leaderboards as the greatest military commander alive!

Huge list of realistic units, all with a unique upgrade paths!
- F-35C Aircraft Squadron
- P-3C Orion
- AC-130 Spectre
- AH-64 Apache Helicopters
- AWACS E-3 Sentry
- B2 Bombers
- Guided Missile Cruiser
- Frigate
- Aircraft Carrier
- Littoral Combat Ship
- Patriot Missile Battery
- Paladin Howitzer
- M270 MRLS
- Predator Drone
- Submarines

All units equipped with devastating weaponry to annihilate your opponent!

Why Should You Back This App?
Battle Command has already undergone significant development and is currently at the working prototype stage. With the game mechanic proven to be addictive and the visual quality pushing the limits of the hardware, we’re confident to partner with Appbackr at this point to take Battle Command over the finish line.

What Will The Money Be Used For?
The funds raised will be used in the last stage of the development process, namely polish and final touches. The money brought in from this endeavour will largely be put into the marketing campaign behind Battle Command to spread the word and reach as many consumers as possible.

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