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Bank Defense - The Game

by Fractal Games

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08/06/12 - 09/05/12


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**UPDATE** Our 1.0 version is Awaiting Review in iOS!

Your bank is in trouble. Everyone is outraged after the massive recent banking scandals, causing trillions of dollars of damage, and they aren't happy about paying for the bailouts either! Now they are flocking to the polls to vote on new legislation that would regulate central banks and increase transparency and oversight.

As CEO this would obviously be bad for you, as you would be unable to continue raking in millions of dollars each year from your ethically questionable (but 100% legal) banking practices. Fortunately, you already have lots of money and influence in society from all the money you stole -- uh, I mean EARNED -- from citizens so you can stop them from reaching the polls!

In a classical tower defense style, you will place towers to stop citizens from reaching the voting booth by bankrupting and/or killing them. Some of your towers include: ATMs, Credit Cards, Risky Mortgages, Unsafe Derivatives, and even Police Officers (yes, they will be armed with pepper spray, the ultimate Nonlethal Citizen Deterrent.)

The bottom line is, do whatever it takes -- you cannot allow enough citizens to reach the polls, or your cake walk down easy street is finished!

Why Should You Back This App?

1: Return on investment. This game will probably do well as a polished Tower Defense game, which is a traditional winner for mobile platforms.

2: The project is awesome. "Destroying citizens with banking practices to prevent them from reaching the polls to vote on regulation and oversight for your bank." If you love or hate banks you will get a kick out of this game.

3: Development is on schedule to complete with or without funding. You can view a playable development version at:

What Will The Money Be Used For?

All the money will be used for marketing, as development is nearly complete and does not require funding. Marketing expenses may include:
- In-app advertisements in other iOS / Android games
- Facebook advertisements
- Google advertisements
- Possibly a TapJoy or other 3rd party iOS/Android marketing contract
- Billboard in the Bay Area (due to high interest by locals in this title)

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