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Bad Nerd vs Zombies

by VNL Entertainment

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12/23/12 - 01/22/13


  • Android Free with In-App Purchase
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This is a sequel to Bad Nerd (

Bad Nerd is an open world sandbox RPG which takes place in a modern setting with tonnes of action, weapons, armor, items, and upgrades to customize your character. The game is a mixture of RPG and fighting genre where the player actually control and time each move. It is not based on probability like most RPG fights, but rather true action based.

The last Bad Nerd in the market left off with an open ended story where Bad Nerd had finished off the bad guys such as gangsters and drug dealers but now a new threat has arrived... Zombies!

What is the Nerd going to do this time?

Why Should You Back This App?

Android is filled with games from big publishers that basically all look the same. The RPGs on Android are just not the kind of experience that someone who enjoy open world sandbox RPGs like FallOut/Oblivion would be satisfied with.

Bad Nerd is breaking this trend. Built from ground up to provide an open world experience. This sequel to Bad Nerd aim is to provide players with a sense of freedom, enter the world and just play around doing what you like while interacting with other people online.

What Will The Money Be Used For?

Bad Nerd is a complete game with an experimental multiplayer feature. The funding will help the sequel to Bad Nerd continue the story and game play that so many people love, while adding more improvements and a complete multiplayer experience.

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