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Ants Vs. Zombees

by Caleb Domingo

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01/25/12 - 02/24/12


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1/30/2011 UPDATE!!
Ants Vs. Zombees has been officially submitted to the Itunes Appstore! Lets give it a couple of days for the app review & approval process. Again, thanks to all our backrs! To receive updates, please join the AvZ mailing list by registering in our portal:


We thank everyone for the overwhelming support for AvZ! We have successfully reached our campaign goal, now it's time for us to give back to our backrs. The Itunes app submission is still on a holiday, and we're gonna use this time to polish the game more. We want AvZ to be a big hit, that's why we're pushing ourselves to our limits to make the game better before we launch it. AvZ will be out by January 2012.

Again, our deepest thanks to everyone who supported AvZ. Merry Christmas!

Our official app portal & promo vid are up! check out:

AvZ Portal

AvZ Promo Video

AvZ's release is just around the corner, we're preparing for an all-out marketing campaign starting 12/15/2011.

Follow the Ants Vs. Zombees development progress - updated daily!


Ants Vs. Zombees (AvZ) is not your ordinary casual game. It's the first of its kind Base/Tower Defense game. Set in the land of Insectasia, your goal is to defend all the anthills from the invading Zombees. Rescue your fellow ants, learn skills, loot gold & items while adventuring!

Initial Game Features:
*12 Superhero Ants with 12 usable & upgradable Skills
*Over 20 types of Zombie Bees
*Tower/Base Defense gameplay
*5 Worlds with over 30++ challenging stages
*40 unlockable achievements
*Loot & Inventory system
*Store & Upgrade system
*Gamecenter Enabled
*Retina Graphics

AvZ is past the concept stage & development stage & is in the testing phase. Our target launch date is on Christmas Day 12.25.2011.

Unique & Interesting Characters
We've made AvZ more interesting by making not just ordinary ants, but Superhero ants. Each superhero ant has its unique skill which can be used during gameplay. Even the Zombee bosses are based on Modern-day movie heroes.

You will be defending the Anthills of Insectasia. During your journey, you will encounter Zombees of different types, and rescuing your fellow ant superheroes in the process. You can then summon them to aid you in battle. Collect loot from the Zombees & buy items, heroes, skills & upgrades  from the store!


The first app of its kind.
Base/Tower Defense type of game with superhero-inspired characters & loot system has never been seen in the app world.

Casual Games Dominate the app market.
People just love "simple" & "fun". From PvZ to Angry Birds to Doodle Jump to Cut the Rope - these casual games beat the sales of 3D app games with no sweat.

Familiar Gameplay and Heroes.
Patterning it to some of the best selling games in mobile gaming, together with characters inspired by modern day superheroes, AvZ will surely be an incredible hit.

Content Driven & High Replay Value.
Items, Drops, Skills, Characters, Upgrades, Gameplay. The list goes on and on.

Created by a budding developer.
Appsiedaisies is a small company with big dreams. But what drives us to make games is because we simply love them. With over 10,000 downloads from our previous apps, we are more than ready to make our first big hit.

Our Reserve Goal is Low
We want our backers to earn immediately from day 1. What better way to give back to all the backers who trusted us is by making them earn starting from the first batch of app sales.


Marketing & Advertising

What's the point of making a great game, if no one knows about it?

Most of the funds will be used for ad placements, online reviews, forums & blog submissions, podcasts, RSS Feeds, social network Ads & the like. Included here of course is the funding of our kick-ass promotional video & website.

Game Development

Animation & Effects
Although the development phase of AvZ is almost complete, we want to add more character animations & effects. A portion of the funding will go here.

More characters, items, stages & worlds will be added to the future updates of AvZ. Eventually, In-App purchases will also be available for additional content.

With YOUR help, we can make this app a roaring success!

There are a lot of casual game developers out there. But what separates us from the rest is our mindset - we think BIG. We want our big hit, and we know AvZ will be one.

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