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Our Vision + Our Mission

appbackr’s mission is to index the world’s apps, enabling app users to make informed and inspired decisions, and making apps accessible to everyone through the App Anatomy™ Project.

Our Story

In early 2010, appbackr created an innovative marketplace to help developers raise funding and to build attention around their apps and app ideas. The crowdfunding platform also enabled app-savvy users to profit from the success of good apps, once they hit the app retail stores. The appbackr Marketplace earned numerous awards including the PayPal X Developer's Challenge Award.

“Marketing and distribution are some of the biggest challenges for developers, something appbackr can help address.”

The New York Times

As Marketplace gained thousands of registered users, we wanted to find a way to identify the most promising apps to help them raise more funds for marketing by better informing our users’ purchasing decisions.

In August 2011, we began to build appscore Xchange, a distribution service based on our machine-learning algorithm. The mechanism looks at publicly available data to objectively score apps, and identify apps that deserve to be discovered. Our data sets include information from 13 countries’ Google Play stores, Apple via their enterprise feed, Chrome, Firefox OS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile data.

“appbackr has added a new tool, called Xchange, that serves as a data analysis tool [that] can optimize when and how developers use the wholesale services and help get developers paid.”


Within the first few months of the new project, companies like Motorola and Intel approached us to use the appscore to identify apps to either feature or port to a new platform. We realized that the appscore could become an important tool for companies in the mobile ecosystem.

Also in August 2011, we hosted our now-annual App Retreat in Napa Valley, followed by a wine-tasting reception at Hall Winery in St. Helena. The invitation-only event brings together a small gathering of thought leaders in the app economy. Speakers on the presentations, panels, and discussions join as attendees with the idea that everyone is a relevant peer. The founding purpose of the App Retreat is to allow leaders and innovators in the app space to engage in great content on topics around app distribution, discovery, and ecosystem development.

At the end of 2012, Xchange allowed partners such as Samsung, Amazon, and the new OS Tizen to view Android apps next to their appscore, and make decisions based on the score. The appscore Xchange developed huge growth, adding 13 ad network partners.

"Using this methodology allows appbackr to discover great apps that are typically not readily exposed to customers because they are not present on top 10 lists for apps."

Wall Street Journal

At the fourth annual App Retreat in August 2014, we announced Version 2 of our appscore. This version incorporates our App Anatomy™ Project, a collaborative effort to catalog the world’s apps based on three components of an app: its technical performance, behaviors, and user sentiment.

These components are measured by appbackr internal analysis and tools: gesture-mapping tool, user sentiment analysis, curated behaviors.

In late 2014, we began developing several products that use our data. Our team is now building the next version of the appscore, which will be released through various API services to our partners and consumers.

“appbackr’s new scoring engine may help good apps emerge from the muck...The system applies a numeric score to Android apps, which could help people find great apps lost among the sometimes hundreds and thousands of options in the stores.”


We encourage you to have a look at our FAQ which addresses all the details both large and small.

Feel free to drop us a line at support@appbackr.com


Trevor Cornwell

Trevor Cornwell FOUNDER, CEO

Cornwell is the founder and CEO of appbackr inc.

Trevor Cornwell is a veteran entrepreneur and has founded multiple innovative companies which brought efficiency to existing markets. Among those, Skyjet was the first online reservation system for business jets and sold to Bombardier in 2000.

Embarkons served as an idea marketplace which led to the genesis of appbackr.


Sam Zappas

Sam Zappas was a Senior Executive of ARTISTdirect, an online digital media company that went public after attracting $97M from strategic investors.

He founded Acmepet, later acquired by PetSmart, and The Johns Hopkins University Media Center.


Don Hutchison

Don Hutchison is an advisor, investor & co-founder in multiple companies including Marin Software, Recurrent Energy, and Work.com.


Trevor Cornwell

Trevor Cornwell is a veteran entrepreneur and has founded multiple innovative companies which brought efficiency to existing markets. Among those, Skyjet was the first online reservation system for business jets and sold to Bombardier in 2000.


Nicholas Houseman

Nick Houseman is Founder and President of Zenith Jet, based in Montreal, Canada. Zenith Jet provides technical and consulting services to business aircraft owners. Prior to founding Zenith Jet, Mr. Houseman served in positions of responsibility at Bombardier, including Strategy and Business Development and as General Manager at Bombardier Skyjet.



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